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Regular Update v1.06 (Feb 1, 2023)

The first regular update is here! I'm also happy to say with confidence that the Mac Apple Silicon M1 chipset issue has been resolved. In testing, the world generation worked perfectly. This update contains a multitude of fixes, QoL changes and some new features, such as manually chopping trees (for a measly 5 wood)! More music has been added to gameplay that was not playing previously. Idle villager count. Average villager happiness and more...

If you experience any bugs please report them on the discussions board or my Discord. The demo version of the game has also been updated with all recent changes.

- Manual tree cutting, gives small amount of wood compared to Arborist
- Happiness resource, showing the average happiness of your villagers as a percentage
- Idle villager counter next to the resources panel
- Animations for villagers using the campfire or shrine
- Animations for tree growing and felling
- Unused music tracks added to day time playlist

- Moved Shrine building to Tier 4
- Reduced costs of the Hut building
- The Hut now houses 3 villagers
- The Lodge now houses 6 villagers
- The Farm now supports 3 workers
- Slightly decreased spawn rate of Arborist trees
- Doubled output of Arborist per tree
- Going home increases villager happiness twice as much
- Villagers now become unhappy at 25% instead of 50% mood
- Villagers hunger UI now displays at 75% instead of 50% hunger
- Updated controls panel
- Trade button has changed and move position
- Buildings start to rotate with the mouse closer from origin point
- Decor buildings now have full free placement
- Music should now fade in and out and uses time of day more accurately
- Game will now start on fullscreen window at installation

- World generation failing on Mac devices using Apple Silicon M1 chips
- Missing building icon in Tier 4 unlock notification
- Villagers now use the shrine to increase happiness
- Villagers no longer deposit resources from the Arborist if they can't find a tree to cut down
- Villagers using the Watch Balloon no longer get stuck when their house is destroyed
- Villagers unassigned from the Watch Balloon then reassigned during landing no longer get stuck at home
- Villagers who are idle or homeless no longer walk on the spot
- Villagers who get unassigned from work are no longer made homeless
- Rare case of not all villagers being unassigned with "max" button
- Tooltip now hides if exiting build mode while hovering over a building button
- World space UI now renders correctly
- Pressing escape in the save/load menu now closes it
- Typo on the intro scene
- Window size at installation now matches current monitor resolution and not max possible resolution
- Windowed mode toggle now correctly toggles
- On multiple monitor systems, running the game will no longer cause the screen to be dimmed

- Right mouse click can now be used to rotate the camera when not in build mode
- Keys 'Q' and 'E' now rotate the camera horizontally
- Keys 'R' and 'F' now rotate the camera vertically
- Keys 'Z' and 'X' now zoom the camera
- Keys ',' and '.' now rotate buildings while placing

- Population cap increased to 50

- Steam Input default configuration now Keyboard and Mouse
- Steam Input default touch configuration now mouse point and click
- Steam Deck default touchscreen mode now left mouse click emulation

Thank you,
Matthew, Red Phoenix Studios.

Mac OS Resolution

Hi all,

I'm happy to say that devices using Apple Silicon M1 chips should be able to play the game as of update 1.06, coming this week. The relevant changes have been made on Steam and in the game build.

After some digging, it appears that the Silicon M1 chip handles some mathematical functions differently than Intel chips, causing a world generation error. The game build will no longer include the Apple Silicon binaries, however anyone using a Silicon M1 chip should still be able to play the game.

If you have any issues after the update drops please get in touch!


Thank You

Hi all,

I just wanted to say thank you for playing Poly Skies during launch week, the feedback has been excellent and many fixes/changes have already been added. Many of your suggestions are currently being added to the TODO list and will be implemented over the coming weeks. If you would love to see something added to the game, be sure to join the Discord and let me know! I'm really looking forward to adding new content to the game that I hope you'll love, now that a lot of bugs have been squashed.

Mac OS issues:
After some third-party testing, we can conclude that the world generation issue seems to only be present on Apple Silicon chipsets (M1 specifically). Intel chipsets have all succeeded. For this reason, Apple Silicon support has temporarily been removed. For now, I will be looking into this further to try and resolve the problem, it's currently unclear if it's a code problem, OS problem or a game engine problem. If you encounter this bug, I apologies for the trouble, it is still a top priority fix.

And that's it for now, keep an eye out for patches and content updates!

Enjoy the weekend, happy gaming!
Matt, Red Phoenix Studios.

Quick Fix v1.05 (Jan 28, 2023)

If you experience any bugs please report on the discussions board or my Discord. The demo version of the game has also been updated with all recent fixes.

- Fishery placement now working correctly
- Lore unlocks fixed (for real this time!)
- Game speed indicator now correct when opening and closing pause menu

Enjoy the weekend!
Matthew, Red Phoenix Studios.

Quick Fix v1.04 (Jan 27, 2023)

Patch v1.04 is here! This update contains an overhaul to the building placement system, providing accurate placement and no hanging over island edges.

If you experience any bugs please report on the discussions board or my Discord. The demo version of the game has also been updated with all recent fixes.

- New cursors for move and remove mode

- Building placement has been overhauled
- When removing a building, all resources are refunded
- Invalid placement colour is now stronger
- Speed buttons are now highlighted based on game speed
- Removed stranded villagers until mechanic is fully functional

- Trading system now works correctly
- Moving the Arborist no longer moves the trees used for chopping
- Moving an already placed building no longer consumes resources or shows the UI for resources
- Villagers now move to their new house location after moving
- Pressing escape now exits construction modes (no more accidents!)
- Switching between construction modes no longer breaks functionality
- Cases of a moved building no longer stuck with red invalid colour
- Homeless villagers now search for housing in the case of removed/destroyed houses
- Lore pieces now unlock as you expand onto new islands
- Selecting resolution now factors in windowed mode toggle

Matthew, Red Phoenix Studios.