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Quick Fix v1.02 (Jan 25, 2023)

This patch includes some fixes based on recent bug reports. Thank you again for reporting these issues.

- Toggle for mouse edge scrolling

- Main Menu UI panel layout
- Render scaling now uses FidelityFX Super Resolution
- Street lanterns now use a volumetric cylinder (similar to house lights)
- Street lanterns now turn off fully after work hours
- Removed ability to sell villagers
- Tooltips are better displayed depending on mouse position

- Trading calculations are now improved
- Render scaling now defaults to 1
- Windowed mode now works correctly
- Street lantern flickering
- Decor is now selectable after placement
- Curved paths now load correctly
- Enemy UI error fix
- 120 FPS target now saves and loads correctly

- Performance of light sources have been greatly improved

Have fun!
Matthew, Red Phoenix Studios.