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Delay Notice / New release date is April 3

[h2]Our deepest apologies!!![/h2]

The full version of Hero of Ice Fairy which was originally planned to release on March 15 will be delayed to April 3.

The reasons for this delay are as follows:
1. As development of the full version continued, we just kept wanting to add more and more things. In order to ensure all the content we want to add into the game can be developed fully and completely, we've decided to dedicate more time to polish. We hope to deliver the full game with as much polish as possible.

[h3]New Content![/h3]
We will be adding an all-new Badge system on March 15. As per the image, they function similarly to items; each badge has a unique effect, and all players will be able to experience this update for free!

How to unlock badges:
1. Complete any one challenge stage
2. Talk to Reisen, who should have an exclamation mark above her head, inside the Bunny train. After the cutscene, the badge system will be unlocked.
(If you already have at least one challenge stage completed, you can directly talk to Reisen in the train.)