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Badge System Updated

This update contains the following fixes and adjustments:

  • [New] Badge System. As per the image, they function similarly to items, and each badge has a unique effect.
How to unlock badges:
1. Complete any one challenge stage
2. Talk to Reisen, who should have an exclamation mark above her head, inside the Bunny train. After the cutscene, the badge system will be unlocked.
(If you already have at least one challenge stage completed, you can directly talk to Reisen in the train.)

  • Fixed a bug in [Story Stage 5] and [Challenge Stage - In Arrears] where enemy missile damage was too high.
  • Fixed a bug in [Story Stage 6], where the BOSS was using incorrect bullets.
  • Fixed a bug where the pop-up in the dialogue interface sometimes couldn't be closed.

We sincerely appreciate everyone's bug reports. We'll continue to address various issues in the game. If you encounter any problems during gameplay, please feel free to provide us your feedback!

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