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Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy 1.0 coming on March 15

[h3]Touhou Hero of Ice Fairy will be leaving early access on March 15![/h3]
Below are some questions we've gathered regarding the full release and updates going forward, and our answers:

Q: Do I have to buy the game again once the game is fully released?
A: Nope, if you've already purchased the game, you'll receive the new content for free on Steam.

Q: Will the game become more expensive after the full release? If it will, by how much?
A: Yes, once the game fully releases, the price will change to 6.99 USD.
(Compared to earlier versions, the full release will only cost 1 USD more as we don't want players to not be able to enjoy our game due to the price. We hope you will continue to support us! )

Q: After the full release, will there be DLC with more playable content?
A: Yup.

Q: Aside from DLC, will the game still have free updates?
A: Yes, we'll still be pushing out free updates in the future.

Q: What will the new free updates and DLC contain?
A: The free updates will contain a new gamemode and new items. The DLC will contain at least one new boss battle with new story and items to go with it.
(More details will be announced in the future! Keep your eyes peeled!)

Q: After the full release, will there still be updates to the New Supporter Pack?
A: Yes, as long as you've purchased the New Supporter Pack, you'll receive a free update once the game fully releases.
(The New Supporter Pack contains the game's OST, sketches and character artworks.)

Q: Will the New Supporter Pack's price change with the full release too?
A: No, the Supporter Pack will forever cost 1.99 USD.

Q: Will the game be on major platforms such as the Nintendo Switch?
A: We're doing our best to make it happen. Stay tuned.

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