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『Omega Crafter』Early Access Launch Q&A

Hi, this is the Omega Crafter dev-team.
In this news, we will answer many questions about the Omega Crafter early access launch received from you, who have played the OAT (open-alpha-test) / OBT (open-beta-test) / demo or have been interested in Omega Crafter 😎


[Q] What is Omega Crafter all about?
[A] Omega Crafter is an open-world survival craft game, in which players can explore a vast open world with an adorable character Grammi! Players can automate resource gathering or crafting with programming blocks. You can enjoy multiplayer with 6 members ⚔️

[Q] What can players enjoy in Omega Crafter?
[A] Players can enjoy the following game elements!

  • Exploration on a procedurally-generated open-world
  • Expedition to randomly-generated dungeons
  • Souls-like battles
  • Highly challenging boss battles
  • Creative city building
  • Automatable crafting
  • User-friendly automation and programming both for beginners and experts
  • Skill system for player and buddy Grammi
  • Multiplayer for up to 6 players

[Q] When will be the early-access version of Omega Crafter released?
[A] The early-access version will be released March 28th 8:00PM (PDT), 2024 or March 29th, 2024 (JST)!

[Q] How much does the game cost?
[A] The early-access version will cost 24.99 USD (in the US)! As the pricing varies depending on your country, region, or local currency, please check our Steam store page to see the exact price.

[Q] When will be the full-access version of Omega Crafter released?
[A] The full-access version will be released after over a 1-year development! There are lots of new contents and game systems we would love to implement during the early-access period.

[Q] How long has the dev-team been working on Omega Crafter?
[A] It will be 2 years since the Omega Crafter project was launched until the early-access release on March 💪

[Q] On which platform is Omega Crafter available?
[A] Omega Crafter will be available only on Steam at the early-access release. It may be a little bit surprising for an open-world survival craft game that Omega Crafter supports macOS in addition to Windows 💻

[Q] How many players can play Omega Crafter together?
[A] You can play multiplayer together with up to 6 Steam friends! One of the participants serves as the host, and the other participants (clients) enter the world the host has opened. This game uses a P2P-based connection utilizing the Steam functionality, so please prepare a high-end PC if you are to be the host player.

[Q] Does Omega Crafter support gamepad?
[A] The gamepad support is currently under development. Some players may find their gamepad easier to control when it comes to battles as we are prioritizing the support for battle-related actions. Only a few steps away from being able to guarantee overall gamepad compatibility! Please wait a little while for the full gamepad support 🍵

[Q] “I wanna support Omega Crafter! How can I help?”
[A] THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE!!! The dev-team would be really happy that you have fun playing Omega Crafter, but we would also appreciate it if you could post lots of photos/videos on Twitter, Discord, and other social media. It would be great if you would play multiplayer together with your family and friends 🥰


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