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Community Showcase

The passion for Path of Exile shown by our community always amazes us. In today’s news post we’ve gathered some art to share with you, some of which will last a lifetime! Check them out below!

[h2]Eldritch horrors by Temmaru via Forums[/h2]

[h2]Divinia Tattoo by Whypick1 via Forums[/h2]

[h2]Chaos Orb Tattoo by AyoMOUSE via Reddit[/h2]

[h2]Chaos Orb Tattoo by Massive444 via Reddit[/h2]

[h2]Kitava Cultists’ Tattoo by DanyaPavukosis via Reddit[/h2]

[h2]3d printed rhoa by PandorasRed405 via Reddit[/h2]

[h2]Teeny Tiny Mageblood by Oscrix via Forums[/h2]

[h2]Path of Parody Episode 7 by Kwick Tempo Animations via Youtube[/h2]