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Bug Fixes & Improvements Patch

Hello Creators,

Today, we released a new patch with some improvements and fixes. This patch addresses several localization issues as well as crashes that were reported to us. We are also happy to announce that Macs with M chips should no longer see a broken main menu. The issue was related to a Unity bug and our system not cooperating well with each other.

As we move forward, we are encountering more edge case issues and fewer bugs that affect everyone. With this in mind, we are moving towards improvements and balance for the game based on the feedback we received on Steam and in our Discord channels. As we progress with this update, we will keep you informed about the estimated release dates. Currently, it is a bit early to provide specific dates.

We will continue to iron out bugs and address any issues that arise as quickly as possible.
Now, let's review what was fixed in this patch:

  • Fixed an issue where nuggets created by the simulation system do not trigger believer news messages in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where trading shuttles without valid resource count maps caused crashes.
  • Fixed incorrect localization for Resource Management.
  • Fixed missing localization for the Planet Cracker Laser and Stomp.
  • Added localization to the Cosmodrome Panel and Evo Tower Rocket Panel.
  • Fixed collapsed Planet Cracker Relaunch Localization.
  • Fixed localization for the Sent Planet Cracker "Yes / No" buttons.
  • Fixed localization for the Oil Extractor Panel.
  • Fixed localization for the Space Box Research Progress.
  • Fixed localization for Warehouse Storage.
  • Fixed duplicated planet names by implementing a system for generating unique planet names based on their coordinates.
  • Fixed an issue where the road system was not correctly created on the planet where the Planet Cracker was sent.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when tanks would shoot the Planet Cracker, causing explosion effects to break and be displayed in the incorrect position.
  • Drastically improved the performance of tanks, helicopters, and combat, achieving a 30+ fps gain during encounters.
  • Fixed an issue with Mac's M chips at game start.
  • Added a warning for when trying to assign all available workers.
  • Adjusted logic to ensure that the Cracker arrival message doesn't appear on unrelated planet panels.
  • Added notification when the settlement has no free workers to assign to general buildings.
  • Added functionality to rename planets through the Star Map Panel.

We hope you have a wonderful start to the week!
If you encounter any issues in the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a message on our Discord in the #bug-channel.

If you enjoy the game, please consider leaving us a review.
Thank you for being an awesome community.


The Universim Hot Fix #6

Hello Creators!

We hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. We rolled out another update yesterday, and we're excited to share the details with you. Below, you'll find a list of what we've been working on and all the fixes we've implemented. Every week, we strive to address as many issues as we can, and we're incredibly thankful to all of you for helping us by reporting those issues. With each passing week, we're receiving fewer reports of critical issues, which makes us even happier. Our goal is to resolve as many issues as possible as we move towards the next update. We had hoped to begin work on it this coming week, but unfortunately, there are still a few issues that need our attention. Once the majority of these issues are resolved and only low-level ones remain, we'll dive right into the update.

Here’s what’s been worked on:

  • The cancel button on the Space Object Panel was not correctly applying its disabled status, appearing as always active.
  • Fixed destroyed planets being showcased at the bottom side of the panel of the star map in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing electronic components when flying from one planet to another due to lack of storage space on a planet.
  • Implemented the number of observatories counter on the Star Map UI.
  • Fixed stuck clouds produced by the cloud generator.
  • Fixed an issue where buildings on fire would trigger a temperature warning for the planet.
  • Fixed an issue where a colonization rocket could have been sent to the same planet as a planet cracker while it was still traveling there, producing an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would move towards the final planet after the planet was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused saving issues for the game due to nuggets killed within the UFO.
  • Fixed an issue where unfinished buildings within the building panel were considered as having 100% health, therefore not correctly displaying the buildings when they were sorted based on health.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the loading of save files due to resources on the planets not being correctly calculated during loading in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error due to the evolution tower being constructed on the foreign planet. Despite having an evolution tower, the simulation system still assumed that the planet is not colonized, therefore producing an error.
  • Fixed an issue where underground resources were added to the planet for the 2nd time (therefore doubling the amount of resources) and causing confusion with increased planet cracker gather time.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Alien Resource Miner harvesters.
  • Added a message to the Alien Resource Miner Panel for when there are no available resources.
  • Added the possibility to start Space Object exploration from the simulated planets.
  • Added extra functionality to the Abduction Quest "eye". Now pressing the button will cycle between UFOs and Hopkings, allowing to find all the targets easier.

If you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to report them to us, and we'll do our best to address them promptly. The fastest and most direct way to report an issue is by joining our Discord server and leaving a message with the details in our bug-reports channel. This way, we can see it immediately and add it to our database.

We greatly appreciate your support. You're truly the best community anyone could ask for. Wishing you all a fantastic remainder of your weekend, and remember to stay safe and have fun.

The Crytivo Crew

The Universim Hot Fix #5

Hey Creators!

Happy Friday! We’re back with a new update and new patch notes! Thanks to the community, we’ve been able to squash more bugs and make the game a better experience!

Here’s what we worked on this week and what we’ve fixed!

  • We’ve had a heart to heart with the ministers, and told them to no longer place Hunter Huts if the planet does not have any animals
  • Universities and Movie Theaters will now correctly calculate Discovery Points
  • You will no longer receive notifications about buildings being destroyed and built, or about new Nugget believers when immediately arriving on the planet due to the Simulation System.
  • The Planet Cracker Extractor will no longer extract an endless amount of parts
  • The time it takes for the Planet Cracker to gather regular resources has been reduced
  • The Planet Cracker will no longer show a duplicated amount of resources in the selection panel
  • Fixed an issue related to sending The Planet Cracker to another planet. The issue would prevent loading a planet.
  • Firefighters will no longer ignore buildings that have been set on fire by the Planet Cracker and/or Firestorm
  • The Planet Cracker’s landing platform can no longer be set on fire.
  • The Planet Cracker will no longer spawn underground after being rebuilt
  • The Tesla Quest will now accept the parts required to complete the quest.
  • Tesla Parts will now spawn appropriately after the game is loaded from a save file
  • Fixed an issue related to Twitch Chat, which caused an NRE during certain conditions when chat members were sending messages
  • Interplanetary Trade Achievement is now achievable
  • Ice and Lava Terraforming Achievements are now working correctly.
  • The “No food warning” now takes cooked food into account and will only trigger when there is no cooked or raw food
  • The timer formatting is now correct upon Alien Arrival
  • Exile Settlements will now appear on other planets. Deal with them as you see fit, Creator
  • Alien Settlements now have the opportunity to spawn on Alien Planets (though, to them, it’s their Mother Planet, and your Nuggets are the aliens)
  • Voidspawns that appear on other planets can now be killed. Hooray!
  • Space Objects that cannot be explored will no longer have the option to explore them

Currently, the team is concentrating fully on fixing as many issues as possible, but we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel where all the major and mid-sized issues will be fully addressed. We believe that after one or two more updates, we will be in a very good state. Once we’re there, we’re planning to get back to reviewing some of the suggestions we’ve been receiving from you and see if we can start working on some of them! So, if you’ve got a cool idea you want to share, don’t hesitate to join our discord and tell us all about it on our tu-improvements channel!
Before we go, we want to hear about your exciting, funny, or just plain weird experiences in The Universim! Find something cool or new? Tell us about it! Share your stories, your screenshots, your city setups, anything, in our discord!

Have a wonderful weekend, Creators. And remember, it’s a beautiful planet. Try not to ruin it.

Crytivo Crew

The Universim Hotfix #4

Hey Creators!

Hard to believe we’ve been in 1.0 for over a week now! We’ve been busy working on bugs, and we’re back with more hotfixes thanks to your valuable feedback.

Here’s a quick list of what’s been fixed:

  • Temperature notifications will no longer be displayed on Lava/Ice planets while flying over the Volcano or Fire. The temperature notification now has a cooldown per planet, appearing for critical and pre-critical levels once every 30 minutes. With the update, the temperature notification will no longer trigger news messages and warnings on the left side of the screen
  • Now, the Planet Cracker requires the correct amount of parts in order to work
  • The game will no longer crash when the Foreign Planet Simulation system attempts to add dead Nuggets to the cosmodrome for transfer to another planet or trading
  • Colonization rockets will no longer be mistakenly sent to the final planet to cause more issues
  • Meteor strikes will now accurately calculate collisions with mountains
  • A new workaround has been created for a Unity Physics system bug that causes the game to crash due to the object’s position being set to a non number
  • The Foreign Simulation system will no longer reset crops on the farm while the player is away on another planet and returns later on. The system now only selects the crop when nothing is selected, otherwise it will maintain the player selected crop
  • Fish will now spawn when they have water
  • The final Nugget in the barn event has been successfully persuaded to join the cult, and will now complete the event, taking the barn with them
  • The Foreign Planet simulation system will no longer attempt to remove non-existent builder bots and crash the game
  • The Planet Cracker timer is now fixed
  • Resources during the Planet Cracker collection will now no longer constantly increase
  • Planet Cracker will now only show existing resources on the planet
  • Planet Cracker will now continue to collect resources as expected
  • The FPS on the Star Map is now improved and will no longer drop drastically
  • Foreign Planet simulation system will now only take available builder bots
  • Fixed a typo in the Big Bird quest and corrected an inaccurate description for the Planet Cracker in the Spanish language.
  • Resolved multiple localization issues for the French language within the Mystical Box panel and Expedition quest
  • The Landing Platform for the Planet Cracker will now be unloaded by the nuggets, and resources will be transferred to the warehouses (if there is available space).
  • The simulation system on other planets did not produce any newborn nuggets in the first 10 minutes after the transition from one planet to another, leading to a rapid decline in the population due to the aging of existing nuggets.

Together with our amazing community, we’re fine-tuning The Universim into a stellar gaming experience for everyone! Join us on Discord, where you can chat with other members of the community, report issues, and share your experiences with the game. We’re looking forward to continuing the journey of The Universim.

If you enjoy the game, please consider leaving us a review on Steam.

Crytivo Crew


Hot Fix #3

Hey Creators!

It's Friday, and as the sun sets on yet another exhilarating week, we can't help but feel the excitement in the air! The Universim team extends its heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering support throughout this incredible journey. It's almost been a full week since the launch, and your valuable feedback has been instrumental in refining The Universim. We've been hard at work addressing your suggestions and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. As we approach the weekend, we're thrilled to share some exciting updates with you in our latest patch notes. Thank you for being an essential part of The Universim community, and we can't wait to see you in the game with these exciting new improvements!

Here’s what’s been worked on:

  • Invisible Fire ( A proper fix ). The roads under nuggets were getting too hot, burning poor nuggets.
  • Warning notifications for the Hot / Cold temperatures before it becomes critical and when it is already critical.
  • Hyperlube speed was extremely slow due to bug. Now it is fixed and nuggets can zoom from one end to the other with an extreme speed. Time to optimize the city.
  • Fixed Planet Cracker Gather timer
  • Air filters were not working properly with the Simulation system, causing the increased pollution when the player was away from the planet where it was built.
  • Crash that appeared due to Alien Resource Miner building due to harvesters missing their reference in the world.
  • Most of the narrator tracks were stabilized to have the same voice volume.
  • Game tip controller was crashing the game when it tried to showcase the tips while simulation the planet
  • During the Planet Cracker attack, the Planet Cracker position had some minor issues causing a rare error, preventing the load of the save file.
  • The ForeignSim system tried to apply simulation and was failing to do it properly while trying to find a partner nugget. It was trying to grab an exile nugget as a partner for the citizen nugget, producing an error.

If you don't spot a specific issue addressed in these patch notes, fret not! We are diligently working behind the scenes to address any lingering bugs or concerns that may have slipped through the cracks. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we encourage you to keep the communication lines open. Feel free to share your experiences, report any issues, or simply join the conversation on our Discord channel. Together, we'll continue to fine-tune and enhance The Universim, ensuring a stellar gaming experience for all. Your support and engagement make this journey truly special, and we can't wait to tackle any challenges that arise with your invaluable input. See you in the universe!

Crytivo Crew