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Update v0.90.8 - Consolidation #2

This update IS compatible with savegames from previous v0.88.0+!

[h3]This is a minor update that includes some balance tweaks and various small improvements, as well as several important fixes.

I've decided to release this before the actual v0.91 (which will add a new animal, the Didelphodon) to address those issues as soon as possible, since the next major update is still in the works and requires some weeks.


- [Survival] When moved during actions (es: components moved on build spot during building), items gradually slide towards the intended spot, instead or being magically teleported.
- [Survival] Various improvements to some action animations.


- [Survival] Added a contracting red circle on the cursor showing attack delay time.
- [Survival] Minor improvements to some interface actions.
- [Survival] Minor improvements to the actions progression text.
- [Survival] Planted seed now has a mouse hover text.
- [Survival] Fish meat is now called "Fish", instead of "Meat (fish)".
- [Survival] Sword cursor improved.


- Actions like Carving, Cleaning and Cracking have their progress remembered when they are interrupted, so they are resumed as soon as the action is restarted for that object; this does not yet apply to Crafting and Building, though (will work on that eventually).
- Actions progress, when interrupted and resumed, is reduced by 10%.
- Damage auto-inflicted during actions requiring a sharpen tool slightly increased.
- Digging skill has a much greater impact on the related actions speed (but base speed reduced).


- [Survival] Animals will no longer chase a food that is being used by the Player for an action (es: cleaning Fish, planting Fruit, etc).
- Male Triceratops, when in heat, are aggressive towards all other species that come close enough.
- Young T-Rex will now chase and eat Meat/Fish when younger than 25 days old (up from 18).


- Reduced damage to Stone Wall from animal collision by ~33%, and improved building tooltip.


- [Survival] Increased damage taken by Stones retrieved from dismantling a Fire Pit (from -5 to -10).
- Stick/Torch decay 50% slower than simple Branch.


- Minor performance optimizations.


- [Survival] Fixed sword cursor icon getting stuck when dropping a weapon from the back slot.
- [Survival] Fixed hint telling to disable Sneaking with the actual Combat Stance toggle key.
- [Survival] Fixed hint telling to disable Sneaking triggering while not actually sneaking.
- [Survival] Fixed bloated hint not appearing when trying to drink rain while Fullness close to 100%.
- [Survival] Fixed being able to access the Player action menu while colliding with animals/obstacles.
- [Survival] Trees can now be interacted with also when on top of carcasses and other objects.
- [Survival] Skeletons can now be interacted with also when on water.
- Fixed a bug that caused vegetation to take root MUCH less likely on some terranis, when they were supposed to have good chance.
- Fixed Fire Pit stones being shown above carcasses.