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  3. Update 1.32.2 is live with fixes and improved droprates for Mythical crafting!

Update 1.32.2 is live with fixes and improved droprates for Mythical crafting!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the feedback, reports, and kind comments!
We are happy to hear you are having a good time with the DLC.

Of course, a few issues popped up and we have now taken care of the most immediate problems.

We have also got a lot of feedback about very varied drop rates for Mythical crafting materials. To improve the feel of this, we have added a small system that should make the drops feel a lot better - full details in the notes below!

Please keep the feedback coming, as in the next week we will go through everything we have learned, and work towards making the DLC even better!

Thank you!

  • Added a little checkbox to the DLC menu in-game that verifies if the DLC is correctly installed & recognized on your account.
QoL & balance:
  • Drop rates for Mythical weapon parts have been changed.. a sort of "anti bad luck" system is now in place:
    • If you've never seen a weapon part, your drop rate is significantly increased.
    • You should no longer get two of the same weapon part in a row - they should always alternate.
    • If you do a lot of anomalies without any drops, your drop rate is slowly increased until you get one.
    • In co-op, the Mythical weapon parts are now rolled for independently for each player.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed crashing from expedition nodes (related to zooming).
  • Fixed crashing from gamepads.
  • Fixed attempting to load incorrect or partial translations.
  • Fixed being able to click some Puzzle expedition end points repeatedly to spawn a lot of portals.
  • Fixed issue where the "skip ahead" feature, letting your alt characters skip the tutorial DLC quests, didn't properly work for skipping the egg hatching quest if you had fully grown all beasts, causing the character to get stuck on that quest.