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Update 1.33.0 is live with fixes and lots of DLC improvements!

Hey everyone!

Here's a slightly larger update with a lot of improvements to the DLC content!
We took your feedback to heart and have done our best to incorporate it in this update, everything from small UI changes and making the Expedition tree more accessible to new players, to larger account-wide progression saving and difficulty selection for the Expeditions. We also added some extra features, such as letting you send your beasts back to town to sell stuff for you!

In the next big update, we'll be looking at build & balance feedback, and try to bring up some lacking builds up to date as well.

As always, thank you very much for your suggestions, comments, and bug reports!

We hope you enjoy what this update brings!

Full notes below:

Artifact Changes:
  • Eternal Servitude now also affects the cooldown of the skill used to trigger it.
  • Elementalist's Boon effect reduced to 250% (was 300%).
  • Companion's Calling: Now available to Warlock and Templar (previously Warden only). Now affects all skills with the companion tag, such as Living Blood, Soul Avatar, Dancing Blades, Wisp, etc.
Ancient Beast Changes:
  • Beasts can now be ordered to teleport to town and sell items in the same way you can quick-sell based on rarities.
  • You can now Shift-click items to quickly transfer them between your inventory and your beast.
Expedition Tree Changes:
  • Added difficulty slider that lets you scale Expeditions into Endless Tiers.
    • Putting the slider to the left sets it to "default", which resets all expeditions to the designed difficulty. Lowest step up is into Endless Tier 1, and highest is whatever you have unlocked on the Anomalies.
    • You cannot advance tiers through Expeditions, this is still done via Anomalies, but now you can set them to be a challenge for your late endgame builds.
  • Added a checkpoint system to the Expeditions:
    • Reaching a checkpoint (Egg Unlock, Beast Growth 1 & 2) now unlocks all Expeditions required to get to that node on all characters.
    • This lessens the grind for alts and reduces the time to get back into things on Hardcore.
    • Optional Expeditions (those that branch away from the main path) are not unlocked with this system, and still has to be cleared on each character.
    • NOTE: If you have already completed these checkpoint Expeditions, just load up that character, and they will be unlocked for all other.
  • General changes:
    • Added 3x Thorns% passives to the West Expedition tree.
    • The first few resistance and elemental damage ranks are now much cheaper to buy.
    • You can now attempt to buy 5x passive ranks at a time, like you would in the skill tree.
    • You can now also remove points - but you do not get refunded the currency.
    • Expedition Passives that are of max rank now have their rank text colored to be easier to distinguish at a glance.
    • Expedition Passives now also have their ranks in a little box, making it easier to read.
    • Expedition no longer list their rewards if they have been completed (as you can only earn the reward once).
    • Completed Expeditions now also have a checkmark on them to further clarify which you have completed, as there was some confusion when dealing with Expeditions that required multiple completed Expeditions.
  • Updated Artifact Fragments icon.
  • Updated Icon for "Thundercharged Blade" (no longer same as "Rolling Thunder" sword).
  • Updated Artifact tooltip to make it clear how to use them.
  • Updated skill description of several proc rate Masteries to correctly reflect that they increase the proc rate of Synergy skills as well (where applicable).
  • The enchanter interface now shows small padlocks on locked enchants and powers directly on their icons.
  • Further refinement to damage number source tracking (please let us know if you find further inconsistencies).
Endgame & Combat Changes:
  • Clearing a Lesser/Greater Boss Anomaly now opens two portals: one to return to Tinka's Domain as before, and a new one to instantly get into a new boss fight.
  • Nek'Rosis (Anomaly Boss) now have 10% less health to offset his healing abilities.
  • Removed a very rapidly attacking skill from the last East Expedition boss (Thunderbeak).
  • Mobs using "Life Reap" will now only count 1 hit for their self heal, so they don't repeatedly heal to full when hitting a lot of companions.
Other Very Important Change:
  • Gave Tinka a new look in The Chronicon, and one to show his status in Tinka's Domain. (it is good to be the king)
  • Fixed changing Artifacts not triggering a stat recalculation and buff refresh. It now works just like when swapping skills.
  • Fixed newly created characters retaining the Beast of the last played chartacter (and its inventory).
  • Fixed issue where you could put 2 of the same rune on Mythical weapons. (You'd still only get power from one).
  • Fixed Mythical Weapons not having any augment/reroll/scramble material costs.
  • Fixed Artifacts not showing their required level.
  • Fixed Diana Jones talking forever if you have an active quest with her and right-clicking her to quickly go to the Artifact Forge panel. Right-clicking now skips her speech.
  • Fixed issue where you could potentially be stuck without a portal to the Hellforge.
  • Fixed issue where using any of the artifacts granting bonus skill points would also count towards your total points in the tree, letting you unlock the next tier of skills with one less point, and potentially locking you out from removing points.
  • Fixed Beasts triggering egg traps with the Lightfooted Perk active.
  • Fixed issue where Lesser/Greater Boss Anomalies would sometimes be empty if you had already cleared the boss in Story Mode in the same session.
  • Fixed Retaliator 4-p bonus not properly triggering when taking damage.
  • Fixed Stalagmites getting 100% proc rate from Cataclysm set (old effect that lingered).
  • Fixed issue causing Infected Spirits (Warlock) not properly triggering.
  • Fixed Warlock's "Posion Specialization IV" DLC Node refering to "Pool of Corruption, a skill that no longer exists (now correctly refers to "Corruption", a skill that exists :-).)
  • Fixed Excorcism mastery giving way too low proc rate bonus (Templar).
  • Fixed the skill "Purify" (Templar, Storm Mender companion) also removing cooldown-related debuffs, such as the timer on death-prevention mechanics.
  • Fixed Norla's Gale introducing an unintentional exponential ramping to the Tornado skill.
  • Fixed issue where the merging of explosive mushrooms (Warden) would merge the Warden's shrooms with Treant shrooms procced via the Barbed Spores mastery, leading to absurd damage growth for Shrooms and Pods.
  • Fixed being able to use portal scrolls in Boss Anomalies.
  • Fixed issue where multiple portals could spawn on top of eachother.
  • Fixed not being able to close out of the Beast panel with a gamepad if not having the DLC or an active Beast.
  • Fixed all DLC and other recently added enemies not having full Codex data (affixes etc).
  • Fixed Codex listing all Rootlings as Elemental foes, rather than Fae.
  • Fixed issue where in rare cases, some icons might not show up on the minimap.
  • Fixed getting stuck after talking to the quest NPC's in Gates of Hell in Act 5.
  • Possible fix for some Passive skill damage numbers not showing unless you enabled companion damage numbers.
  • Fixed Champions having incorrect or missing names in Chinese.
  • Fixed bad linebreaks & formatting in enchanting tooltips.
  • Fixed crash when re-entering the Lushlands from The Roost after repeating the boss.
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen when using certain portal scrolls.
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen if bad character data was trying to load.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when right-clicking Bramley.