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Update 1.33.2 is live with more fixes!

Hey everyone!

Update 1.33.2 is now live with more fixes!

Thanks for your reports, and please let us know of any other problems!

Here's the full notes:

  • Fixed rare loot creating duplicate nodes on the map if you had no room while trying to pick it up, and it moved.
  • Fixed some passives and powers, such as Demonic Fury and Gaia (bow), mistaking Ancient Beasts as companions.
  • Fixed some odd companion behaviour during the Eazima fight.
  • Fixed Scramble info card being huge when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed the Expedition difficulty slider not working correctly on some resolution settings.
  • Fixed general issue with small sliders having a too large "hitbox" when interacted with, causing it to overlap nearby things on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed issue where items dropped in Expeditions didn't folow the same stat roll rules as items dropped in Anomalies, ie they should now gain increased chances of higher base rolls as you run higher difficulty Expeditions.
  • Possible fix for Tornados getting stuck during longer fights.
  • Possible fix for some smaller bosses being able to teleport through walls.