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Update 1.40.0 is live!

Hey everyone!

Update 1.40.0 is finally here!

This one is very large, introducing a lot of new things, a lot of balance changes, performance boosts, and finally an official French translation! We are working on a few more languages that will release this year too.

We're also working on a lot of other things.. next month we will have not one, but two big announcements for Chronicon - so stay tuned for that!

Anyway, as always we are thankful for all your bug reports, suggestions, and valuable discussions here and on Discord. It's always a joy to interact with this great community!

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this update!

New Language:
  • French
New Mechanics:
    • Added 27 new Elixirs.
    • Elixirs are now much more powerful and categorized in 3 different rarities.
    • You can have 2 active Elixirs from each rarity.
    • Elixirs do not drop from enemies, but are obtained via the new Elixir Shop found in Tinka's Domain and The Chronicon.
    • Added 21 Vials.
    • Vials are like reverse Elixirs, these are thrown onto enemies to debuff them, provide crowd control effects, or to deal damage.
    • Just like Elixirs, Vials are categorized into 3 different rarities.
    • Vials do not drop from enemies, but are obtained via the new Vial Shop found in Tinka's Domain and The Chronicon.
    • Injectors are a new Relic item (belt assignable).
    • From a new device found in Tinka's Domain, you are able to slot Elixirs of your choice into Injectors, to be used all at once with a single key press.
    • There are 9 different Injectors available, all with varying effects, stats, slots, cooldown, and usage.
    • There are Injectors designed to make Elixirs last longer and/or have increased effect, and there's Injectors that accept Health & Mana Potions instead of Elixirs.
    • You can get the base MK1 Injector from the new Elixir Shop in Tinka's Domain or The Chronicon.
    • MK2 and MK3 Injectors will randomly (and rarely) drop from enemies.
    • MK4 and MK5 Injectors are crafted via hidden transmutation recipes. Hint: You use the previous tier Injectors to make the higher ones.
    • Injectors are never filtered in your loot filters so you cannot miss them.
    • Launchers are a new Relic item (belt assignable).
    • From a new device found in Tinka's Domain, you can slot y our Vials into a Launcher to throw them all at once with a single key press.
    • There are 9 different Launchers available, all with different effects, cooldowns, range, and throw patterns.
    • Just like Injectors, you can get the base MK1 Launcher from the new Vial Shop in Tinka's Domain or The Chronicon.
    • MK2 and MK3 Launchers will randomly (and rarely) drop from enemies.
    • MK4 and MK5 Launchers are crafted via hidden transmutation recipes. Hint: You use the previous tier Launchers to make the higher ones.
    • Launchers are never filtered in your loot filters so you cannot miss them.
Items & Vendors:
    Legacy Items:
      The following items have now been moved to the Legacy category and will no longer drop:
      • Health Injector MK 1 (Accessory).
      • Health Injector MK 2 (Accessory).
      • Mana Injector MK 1 (Accessory).
      • Mana Injector MK 2 (Accessory).
      • All the pre 1.40.0 Elixirs.
    Scrolls & Gambling:
    • You can no longer Gamble for random Scrolls from Tarot.
    • Instead, there is a new Scroll Shop where you just buy what you want, just like the Elixirs and Vials.
      Items & Powers:
      • Updated description of Vampire Lord's Cape to be more clear about interactions.
      • Tear of The Arch Druid (TL amulet) now GA up to 300%, up from 150%.
      Gem changes:
      • Citrine Star Gems (Fire) now grant +Healing Taken when socketed into Armor.
      • Kyanite Star Gems (Frost) now grant +Absorption Barrier Effect when socketed into Armor.
      • Chrysoberyl Star Gems (Poison) now grant +Willpower when socketed into Armor.
      • Charoite Star Gems (Shadow) now grant Elixir Effeciency (new stat).
      Currency changes:
      • Rebalanced base Crystal drops and how it scales with difficulty levels significantly, as we have a problem in endgame with how rapidly it scales and becomes obsolete.
      • This rebalance also makes +crystal find from other sources more valuable, rather obsolete.
      • Added new Elixir Effeciency stat (only available on Gems currently). This stat is multiplicative, ie it has diminishing returns.
      • Bleed% enchants now Greater Augment up to 100%, up from 80%.
      Items & Powers:
        Spiritual Garb (Spirit Link) changes:
        • 3p) Soul Link now deals the damage in a 2 meter radius. When a Spirit Link host is struck, it is Weakened, taking 30% increased damage for 5 seconds. This effect stacks. In addition, a Soul Bomb will form over the host, releasing after 2 seconds to deal the total built up Lightning damage in a 3 meter radius, as direct damage.
        Bloodosaked Garb Set (Bleed) changes:
        • 3p) The Internal Hemorrhage bleed tick now deals damage in a radius.
      • Molten Medallion now increases Lava Blood damage for every 16 points of Mana Regeneration, up from 22.
      • Lesser Rune of Soulstorm now also affect Storm Fists.
      • Flamers (Unique Fist) now has the old power of Arsonists (Legendary Fists)
      • Arsonists (Legendary Fist) now increases the damage of Lava Blood.
      • Lightning Jabs (Unique Fist) now increases the damage of Lightning Jab, Arc Punch, Thunder Punch, and Storm Fists.
      • Lesser Rune of Pulverize now causes Stonefist to deal triple damage if there's a Crowned foe in range, rather than striking 3 times.
        Lesser Rune of Boulderfist now causes Boulder to fire fast moving fists that deal the combined damage of Stonefist and Boulder. Also reduces cooldown of Boulder. Works in combination with the Pulverize rune effect too.
      • Storm Fists now deals 260/290/320/350/380% damage, up from 165/180/195/210/225%.
      Items & Powers:
        Thundercharged Battlegear set:
        • 3p) - no longer casts Avenger every 1.5 seconds or disable the Satellite base attacks.
        • Instead, satellites attack as normal, but use Avenger as their damage, and trigger all on-hit effects, and are affected by attack speed.
        • This means it works with satellite effects such as the Entity's Inclination Artifact which has stacking weakness for satellite hits.
        Thundering Army set:
        • 2p) now grants permanent Soul Replicas and a Soul Avatar (no need to learn and slot the Ultimate skill anymore).
        • 3p) weakness debuff now adds 25% per stack, up from 15%.
        • Also: Getting +1 rank in Soul Replication (Templar Ultimate) via the Companion's Calling rhombus artifact now summons 4 Replicates (up from 3), for a grand total of 6 (up from 4) when used with the Mightcap helmet.
        Avatar of Ayeela set:
        • This set now follows the original design of the Hallowed skill - damage based on healing.
        • 2p) Avatar of Life is now always active. Hallowed deals an additional 300% damage and can now crit.
        • 3p) Hallowed applies Judgment to foes struck by it, dealing the damage of Hallowed per second, for 7 seconds. Stacks infinitely. Striking any foe affected by Judgement with a Hammer skill will cause an explosion, dealing 300% of Judgement damage in a 3 meter radius.
      • Ayeela's Embrace (Ayeela set armor) now rolls Healing Taken instead of mana regeneration.
      • Hallowed Blade (Unique Sword) now has a new power: Healing Taken is multiplied by Holy Damage.
      • Lesser Rune of Hallowed Grace has been improved: Now triggers Grace on receiving any Healing, and Grace is increased by the Healing Taken stat. And on top of this does its old effect where it multiplied the base damage of Hallowed by current barrier strength.
      • Avenger now hits an additional target and its tooltip now lists how many jumps it does.
      Items & Powers:
        Wispmother Set:
        • 3p) Increased the damage radius of the Wisp and Mega Wisp Thunder Orb spells. (It's increased by a lot more for the Mega Wisp).
        Everspring set:
        • 3p) Now also cause the bursts which spawn twisters to empower twisters within the damage range, stacking up damage, but not refreshing durations.
      • Wind Razor (Legendary Arrow) now Augments up to 60% (up from 40%) and Greater Auguments to 100% (up from 50%) additional damage to Splinter.
      • Loaded Bolts (Legendary Arrow) no longer causes an explosion, but rather triples Splinter Damage when it is triggered from Double Draw.
      • Heartpiercer (Unique Bow) has a new power that increases the damage of Razor Tips by up to 100%.
      • Harp (TL bow) now shoots less arrows, 7 down from 10, but doubles the damage of the skills it affects. The arrows are also staggered and fire one at a time in a quick interval. (These changes are mostly to prevent framedrops)
      • NEW: Elementium Point (TL Arrow): Quickdraw, Gardener, and Overcast now affects all Archery, Nature, and Storm skills respectively, and have increased chance to trigger. Does not affect Mobility or Base skills.
      • NEW: Freyja (TL Bow): 15% chance to cast Leaf Wind on attack. While affected by Leaf Wind, Nature & Storm skills deal increased damage.
      • Wisps now have a larger aggro range and will not stop attacking to follow the Warden until farther away.
      • Paralyze no longer triggers on foes already Paralyzed (this would negatively effact the diminishing returns of it).
      Items & Powers:
        Deathbringer set:
        • 3p) Now makes Corpse Shatter always proc, rather than double the proc rate (which would land at 80% without additional items to increase it).
      • The "Ancient Bone" unique accessory that increases Bone Skill damage is now a Warlock-only item.
      • Icecrown (Helmet) power now also makes all Frost Spear Skills be affected by Satellite Strength.
      • Bonestorm now strikes 3 times per second, up from 2.
      • Ritual of Perforation no longer adds AoE damage to Frost Spear Skills, and instead buffs their base damage (multiplicatively with other effects).
      • Added Frost Spear Skill as a skill tag.
Enemies & Bosses:
  • Snow Tunnelers no longer have the Blizzard affix, and instead have Frozen and Frost Resistance.
  • Removed Spore Rain from Anomaly boss Bazz-Wizda and gave him Boom Shroom instead, as Spore Rain would group all the planted mushrooms into a large explosion, dealing insane amounts of damage.
  • Added Elixir Effenciency and Absorption Barrier Effect stats to the big stat page, under Utility and Defense respectively.
  • Skill references in Skill & Mastery tooltips are now color-coded by their element/tree, to help with navigation.
  • The difficulty slider and info cards on the Expedition tree now makes it clear that Tiers are above Mythic XV difficulty.
  • Added an option to the Interface Settings menu to limit flashing lights (flickering and strobing of lights is disabled, but flashing from frequent attacks and such will still occur).
  • Added Damage Blocked to the death log.
Misc stuff:
  • Updated some NPC speech text explaining mechanics to be a bit more clear (minor text adjustsments).
    Improved overall combat performance, as well as specifically:
    • Improved performance of thorns-related builds.
    • Improved performance of most builds with an infinitely stacking debuff or DoT effect.
    • Improved performance of all "on cast" or "on attack" powers/runes/perks.
    • Templar Fire builds, Expulsion build, and synergy builds should have a performance bump.
  • Fixed Shadowclone treants spawning clones with the wrong Treant model.
  • Fixed issue where Interrupt status messages wouldn't show as often as they should.
  • Fixed unequipping into stash not refreshing stats.
  • Fixed some effects looking for companions also considering the player themselves as a companion.
  • Fixed Expedition Passive "Treasure Hunter" not granting the correct amount of MF (too low).
  • Fixed players 2-4 not being able to properly navigate the Expedition Tree in local co-op.
  • Fixed incorrect skill reference on the Templar fire T3 expedition tree nodes.
  • Fixed Tales of Victory artifact not triggering killstreak attacks when skipping exact trigger counts.
  • Fixed Warlock passive Soul Toxin not working as intended.
  • Fixed Ritual of Perforation (Warlock) proc% chance not being affected by Ritual Effect stat.
  • Fixed Bonestorm (Warlock) not persisting through loading screens.
  • Fixed Bonestorm dealing its full DPS per tick rather than per second.
  • Fixed Flesh Rot (Warlock) curse dot spreading with the incorrect source, causing issues with damage numbers.
  • Fixed Dragon Rage (Berserker ultimate)'s cooldown reduction effect not being affected by Mighcap.
  • Fixed the Blue Bolt rune (Berserker) not using the correct rank of Dragon Storm (5).
  • Fixed Templar passive Devotion not working as intended.
  • Fixed Charred, Battered, & Electrified weaken passives (Templar) not being affected by the Weaken passive from the Expedtion Tree.
  • Fixed Templar Mastery "Charged Auras" not reflecting its effect on Aura tooltips.
  • Fixed issue where the Thorn Orbs (Templar Mastery Perk) does not activate after entering a new zone until you swap gear or apply a buff.
  • Fixed Rightous Fire (Templar Mastery Perk) not correctly updating the tick rate of Holy Fire in real time, as it would only update when zoning or re-binding the skill.
  • Fixed the resolution auto-detect on game start not correctly detecting ultra-wide resolutions.
  • Fixed issue where the color blind option would turn itself off when you restart the game.
  • Fixed issues with some color-coding of text keywords.
  • Fixed issue where rotating minimap modes with Tab would sometimes require multiple key presses after changing the settings.
  • Fixed issue where some item tooltip boxes wouldn't be sized correctly.
  • Fixed some missing DLC text in Spanish.
  • Fixed a clever use of mechanics letting you gain infinite money on the Dummies. (sorry)