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Price Changes, Technical Problems and other things. . .

Hi guys! I just recently got full control of Sumo back. I took a look at things, and am quite confused by some of the background stuff I am finding. . . I've lost some important files that I need to be able to work with this game properly, so give me some time to get everything back in order to be able to work on the game.

I know some people have trouble running the game. This is due to an export issue from a previous build, and I now know how to fix it. I will be doing an update to the game ASAP to fix this problem (hopefully later today).

I am thoroughly planning on dropping the price of Sumo in the upcoming future. TO ALL THAT HAVE BOUGHT OR WILL BUY THE GAME AT ABOVE WHATEVER THE PRICE WILL BECOME: I can't offer refunds because of the Steam policies surrounding them, but I can offer at least a free copy of my other game, Rubber Ducky and the Rainbow Gun, to anyone who bought Sumo at too high of a price. Drop me a line somewhere and we can figure things out once the price change hits. PLEASE KEEP THIS PRICE CHANGE IN MIND AS YOU CONSIDER BUYING SUMO RIGHT NOW!

I'd really love to be able to feel good about having made this game at all, so if there's anyone who would be willing to stick with me on this project, drop me a line so I have some encouragement about it. :)

Thanks guys!