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Update 86 - New Tile, Feature Updates and More!

Update 86 - New Tile, Feature Updates and More!

(May 7th - July 3rd, 2019)

Summer update!

New tile, more features and bug fixes in Build a Game Universe!

Tile Updates + Tile Type Wavy - NEW!
The Wavy tile allows the user an easy way to create a flag or banner blowing in the wind.
- Banner type

- Wave by trigger

- Flag style

+ Camera Type Blur - NEW!
The blur camera type provides a simple option for enabling motion blur to any camera.
- Blur example

- Blur Amount

+ See-Through Option
For tiles that you want to see behind other objects, we've rolled out the first version of the see-through mode with multiple configurations and options.
- Step 1. Enable tiles you want to 'see-through'

- Step 2. Enable tiles that can be seen

- Step 3. See-through example

+ Image Effect Glow Options
The image tile has glow options available for adjusting and camera specific options to render to.

Feature Updates
+ Added on die explosion position - Choose where a tile explodes from
+ Added text option for player holding breath in volume (water) through the gui
+ Added distance checking options for dash (move,jump) attacks
+ Added an auto reset rotation option for player using match angle and gravity faux
+ Added a toggle option for fade level in editor mode between layers (hotkey '7')
+ Added x,y options for independent background tile scaling
+ Added accuracy checking system for layer depths
+ And more. :)

Tile Tip!
+ Screen Transition
When working with tiles, they can be used in multiple ways.
For example, the screen transition tile can use the event trigger to check for the player on die and respawn.

- Setup for the event trigger

- Setup transition to desired type

- On die, player respawns and transition screen enables

Training Videos

Don't forget, we have training videos available for those wanting to learn how to use Build a Game.
1025+ videos are available for learning Build a Game!
116 videos are available for learning Tile Builder!

Our Silver Standard Reminder (Silver Coin Allowance)!

During the beta program, you will receive 1,000 silver coins into your account each week. Have fun purchasing games and tiles!

Beta Group Signup

Sign up for the Beta. Email [email protected] to get your steam key and be a part of the testing. =)

Have fun creating with Build a Game Universe!


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