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Update 191: Optimizations, Hair Overhauls & Anti Troll Measures - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

Today, we’re happy to be bringing you another alpha update to War of Rights! Update 191 primarily features a sizable processor usage optimization pass within the game, resulting in up to a 20% overall FPS gain between update 190 and update 191 if you happen to be bottlenecked by your CPU in your setup.

Other notable features of update 191 include a complete hair and facial hair overhaul for much improved character-details, especially up close. This addition also paves the way for future character specific updates.

Lastly, we’d like to highlight a few new anti troll measures making their way into the game; carried flags and artillery rounds will now drop to the ground if a player disconnects while carrying them, thus making it much harder to disrupt flag bearer or battery play.

The update also includes several quality of life additions, tweaked rainy weather environment visuals as well as numerous bug fixes. For a complete list please read the patch notes below.

[h2]Update 191 Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Optimized the CPU usage of the game by a considerable amount:
  • Benchmark results in update 190: 84 FPS
  • Benchmark results in update 191: 105 FPS
  • Overhauled all of the hair and facial hairstyles in the game for much improved details up close.
  • Disconnecting from the server while carrying a flag will now drop the flag at your last position.
  • Artillery rounds will now be dropped on the ground when artillerists are killed or disconnected while carrying one.
  • Knockdowns caused by artillery rounds now result in varying lengths of recovery: the closer to the round going off you are, the longer duration the resulting knockdown will last.
  • Knockdowns now cause suppression at a varying degree.
  • Small caliber rounds such as pistol rounds and the buckshot pellets in buck and ball loads are no longer lethal at extreme ranges. Instead, they are lethal up to a distance of roughly 40 yards and will then gradually lose the damage caused per additional yard traveled. The ball contained in buck and ball loads remains lethal (however inaccurate) at long range.
  • Implemented a potential fix for some of the instances where a user’s level would be falsely shown as 1.
  • Fixed the wobbling soldier animation issue.
  • Fixed a glitch caused by picking up a dropped flag while reloading your musket resulting in a ghost flag spawn point on the terrain.
  • Added the remaining missing weapon images to the class selection and deployment UI menus.
  • Added support for more letters and symbols in the game chat and name tags.
  • Optimized the main menu of the game.
  • Added an additional grass type to the game.
  • Updated the lingering smoke particle effect and increased its visibility and lifetime for added immersion on the battlefields.
  • Updated the bullet trail, bullet water impacts and artillery round trail particle effects.
  • Updates to the R. Miller Tenant house model.
  • Fixed the broken texture on twigs.
  • Updated the Mumma graveyard stonewall model.
  • Several minor fixes to Pry grist mill, Piper barn, R. Miller spring house and Pry barn models.
  • Updated the model of the Sherrick summer kitchen.
  • Hand fixes for various artillery animations.
  • Updates to the visuals of the rainy weather environment: the terrain will now darken much more realistically as it gets wet.
  • Darkened the name tags of the players that are not within your company to easier be able to tell them apart at a glance. This setting can be disabled in the gameplay options menu.
  • Coloured the name tags of your Steam friends green in order to be able to easily meet up in-game. We suspect this addition is going to be useful for new players in particular who will now have the chance to be green in more ways than one! This setting can be disabled in the gameplay options menu.

That's all for today's update. See you on the fields of glory!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]