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Update 192: Optimizations & Fixes - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

Today’s War of Rights alpha update is a relatively small one but we thought it best to get it to you all as soon as possible as it contains a few rather nice improvements, fixes and additions to the game.

[h2]Update 192 Patch Notes[/h2]

  • Further optimized the game code, this time focusing on instancing the character attachments such as hats and bayonets as well as improved the river renderer efficiency, resulting in upwards of 30% performance improvements at isolated moments in the game such as when looking at the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers of Harpers Ferry.
  • Recapturing the point in skirmishes while overtime and counter attack is active should no longer result in a faulty end of the game round.
  • Added 4 new customizable units to the game: 1st and 2nd US Sharpshooters, 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters and 1st Virginia Battalion. These will now also be available at random in the Conquest, Contention and Picket Patrol game modes.
  • Fixed the artillery round smoke trails sometimes appearing to be wildly zig-zagging.
  • Fixed the 1st person camera jolts when returning to shoulder arms.
  • Tweaked the sunset lighting and sky colour for a more realistic look.
  • Getting headshot before entering the spectating camera should no longer result in VoIP being muted until you spawn back into the game.
  • Added the regimental flag of the 17th Michigan.
  • Added the national flag of 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters.
  • Updated the 14th North Carolina national flag, now matching surviving artifact.
  • Added the national flag of the 39th New York.
  • Added a regimental drum for the 39th New York.
  • Added the regimental flag of the 1st Virginia Battalion.
  • Fixed the flag snapping out of the hands of the flag bearer in 3rd person as he turns around.
  • Fixed the bigger Pry Barn doors being locked.
  • Fixed up all of the victory scenes of the Skirmishes game mode to once again include musicians.
  • The Mumma graveyard stonewall is now vaultable.
  • Added the flag of the selected flag bearer to the deployment screen.
  • Fixed the wrong rank, weapon and secondary weapon sometimes being shown on the deployment screen.

That's all for today's update. See you on the fields of glory!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]