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Update 189: Loyalty Bonus - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

Today, we’re happy to be releasing Update 189 featuring a loyalty bonus for every player that has logged playtime hours in War of Rights!

Due to several technical restrictions, the loyalty bonus is redeemable for a limited amount of time. It can be redeemed starting today, the 21st of April and until the 31st of May.

The loyalty bonus can be redeemed via the in-game menu (accessed by pressing the escape key after joining a server).

In order for us to be able to grant you experience points for your logged hours, you will need to make sure that your steam profile is set to public.

This is done via “View my profile”:

Then “Edit Profile”:

Then “Privacy Settings”:

And then lastly setting My Profile and Game Details to “Public” (also make sure that the “Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details” option underneath it is unticked):

When setup correctly, your privacy settings should look like this:

After this is done please allow the steam account servers 1-2 minutes to properly update your settings before trying to redeem your loyalty bonus in-game.

Once redeemed you will be shown your new level as well as the amount of experience points awarded to you:

Click “OK” and enjoy your new level in the game, befitting someone of your experience!

While the main focus of today’s update is that of the introduction of the loyalty bonus system, update 189 includes a handful of additional fixes and additions:

[h2]Update 189 Patch Notes[/h2]
  • Fixed a rare edgecase where the flagpole of Conquest/Contention could get stuck in an uncapturable state.
  • Player names on the TAB menu no longer get cut off, leaving out half letters.
  • Tweaked the rain environmental visuals in order to make characters less slimy.
  • Fixed the rain effects not blending properly between a wet and dry environment.
  • Fixed the floaty blood particle triggering above water bodies.
  • Minor updates to the Roulette Farm model.
  • Updated the Pry Farm stonewall model.

That’s all we have for now. We look forward to be seeing you on the fields of glory!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]