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Update 190: Polish Pass - Released!

[h3]Hello everyone,[/h3]

We’re excited to bring you the 190th alpha update to War of Rights today! With the update comes the end of the grace period of class and rank unlocks tied to the experience level system debuted recently. We’d also like to remind you all that the time to redeem your loyalty bonus is nearing its end, the feature is being removed on the 31st of May. If you are in doubt as to how to redeem your earned experience points, click HERE to read a detailed guide on how to do so.

The main focus of today’s update is a general cleanup of long-time issues present in the alpha, as well as adding some more quality of life additions for a more polished and fun experience for everyone.

[h2]Update 190 Patch Notes[/h2]

  • Crowdfunding backer names are now shown within the credits section of the main menu.
  • Added a “Join Battle” button to the main menu for an easy way to join the most populated server with open slots (locked servers and drill camp mode excluded) without having to enter the server browser.
  • Updated the in-game player name tags to a new font in order to resolve an issue that would result in flickering name tags.
  • Updated the saved battle reports to be using the recently added automated overview maps.
  • General UI cleanup passes in the various menus of the game, resulting in less unsupported characters being present.
  • Added a preview image of the battle flag tied to the selected regiment/company when selecting the flag bearer of said unit in the regimental/class selection menu.
  • The text chat now supports more characters.
  • Fixed the overtime mechanic to match its old, intended, setup. This means that a complete recapture of the point by the team trying to stop overtime is no longer required in order to cancel it. Instead, a short amount of time with the majority of players on the point will be enough to stop it. This in effect, means that overtime as a mechanic will be harder to game as the risk of it getting stopped is considerably greater now.
  • Artillery has gotten a much needed polish pass, resulting in:

    • The added ability of being able to move the trail spike while the piece is moved forwards or backwards. This should greatly help in the overall control of the pieces during movement as you can now reliably steer them using the trail spike (or the pole for the limber).
    • Fixed elevation screw seat camera behavior glitching out when someone is moving the trail spike at the same time.
    • Fixed the elevation screw becoming off-center of the rest of the geometry of the cannon whenever the trail spike is picked up.
    • It is now possible to freelook during the sponging/ramming and insertion of rounds.
    • Carried artillery rounds are now shown in first person as a visual reminder of which round type you are carrying and why you cannot sprint.
    • Holding the sprint key (shift) when carrying a round while at the quicktime movement speed will now put you into double quick instead of doing nothing.
    • Artillery pieces now ignore the shot up fence posts in the ground when pushed for easier navigation across destroyed fence lines.
  • Fixed the long-standing issues with the rifle behavior in third person during the reload animations that would cause it to jitter.
  • Improved the first person fix bayonet animation.
  • Added new flags: 20th New York Infantry National and Regimental colors; 52nd New York Infantry National and Regimental colors:
    • Photographic evidence shown above reveals that during the Maryland Campaign, the national flag of the 20th New York Infantry featured a luminary pattern sewn on the canton and the regimental flag was a painted contract flag. For some years, the regimental flag of the "Turner Rifles" has been represented in War of Rights and other Civil War games and mods as yellow silk. Not only did we find no evidence of this regiment bearing a yellow flag, but all surviving contract flags in the New York State Military Museum are blue.
    • The 52nd New York Infantry’s new national flag replaces a generic placeholder texture. The updated texture is the same historical pattern as the placeholder, however the new texture features an embroidered unit designation matching the regimental flag. The new regimental flag replaces the last of a number of community-provided textures in our collection of flags. This new texture is fully embroidered to match the still extant artifact shown above. This new regimental flag also differs from the old texture in that it features no battle honors, as originally presented to the “Sigel Rifles” and as carried during the Maryland Campaign (all of the regiment's battle honors, which include Antietam, were applied after the campaign). Lastly, the dimensions of the flag more closely match the artifact.
    • We owe special thanks to the assistant curator and staff of the New York State Military Museum for their assistance in researching and recreating these flags. For the last four months, the conservators of these treasured artifacts have patiently endured countless phone calls and emails, supplied us images of these and other artifacts, and provided helpful feedback over several drafts of the textures.
  • Reworked several of the barn roofs to feature wooden shingles, a far more likely, and often documented, roofing material used in the era than metal sheets.
  • Added randomized splash screens to the game.
  • Added more Steam achievements.
  • Possible fix for the weapon locking up when getting knocked down while reloading it.

That's all for today's update. See you on the fields of glory!

[h3]- The Campfire Games Team[/h3]