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  3. ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact out now!

ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact out now!

It is time to assemble your team and head down into the Complex – ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact is out now. This includes the extension, bringing the total number of added expeditions for your friends to suffer in to twelve. Spanning from A to E tier, this rundown also introduced layers to test your team’s skill and endurance further. You’re going to need every ounce of it.

[h2]PATCH NOTES[/h2]
  • Added ALT://Rundown 4.0 Contact with 12 Expeditions

  • Raptus Steigro HEL Autopistol
  • Rad Labs Meduza Auto Sentry

Precision Rifle
  • Slightly reduced reload time
Burst Cannon
  • Slightly reduced ammo
  • Slightly reduced damage
  • Increased Recoil
Shotgun Sentry
  • Slightly increased ammo
  • Slightly increased Biotrack symbiosis ammo
Machinegun (low RPM)
  • Slightly increased shot delay
  • Significantly increased damage
  • Reduced ammo
  • Significantly increased shell casing size
  • Slightly reduced charge-up time
  • Slightly increased recoil
Regular Machinegun
  • Significantly increased stagger damage multiplier
Combat Shotgun
  • Increased ammo
Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Reduced recoil
  • Slightly decreased shot delay
  • Slightly increased charge-up time
  • Slightly reduced ammo
  • Slightly reduced reload time
  • Slightly reduced reload time
Sniper Rifle
  • Slightly increased ammo
High Cal Pistol
  • Increased ammo
HEL Autopistol
  • Changed to HEL, bullets now pierce one enemy