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Beta 2.770 Multiplayer Metal

New beta build! https://wiki.arcengames.com/index.php?title=AI_War_2:Multiplayer_Alpha_And_Beta#Beta_2.770_Multiplayer_Metal

You need to use the current_beta branch on Steam or GOG to play this one. If you have trouble with it, there is a most_recent_stable_beta, now, too.

This one has a ton of bugfixes to multiplayer, and also a huge number of fixes to Metal on OSX, and Vulkan for Linux. I haven't tested the latter lately, but it should be doing much better (though there's always OpenGL). On OSX, Metal is vastly more performant when it comes to how textures are used in RAM and consequently VRAM, so getting that in tip-top shape was a priority.

I also managed to shave off another 600 MB of RAM usage in general between the base game ships and the DLC1 ships and a few last bits of the main game body. This makes the game load faster, and also will make a lot of scenes higher-performance if you have a GPU with low amounts of VRAM in particular. This also makes more room for the influx of new content in DLC2, but not at the sake of quality; things are just more optimized now.

But wait! So much more! Marauders got a ton of buffs and tweaks from CRCGamer. Lots of corvettes got balance refinements from him also. Coilbeams should no longer deal 100x too much damage to secondary targets thanks to ArnaudB. Forcefields have gotten a bit of a nerf at baseline, but actually get more powerful at very high levels so that they are still useful when the Fallen Spire and similar are around. Command Station balance and energy usage has been tuned quite a bit as well, with these changes to cmd and ffs being an ArnaudB project aimed to making more viable playstyles with them.

Badger fixed the bug with multi-AI games having too few Praetorian Guards (that an oops by me), and ships with ff harmonics can now use wormholes under ffs. Oh, and there was a memory leak in shots that SirLimbo found, and I got that fixed up today. It was a major performance drain.

More soon!