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V1.6.6 - July Frontier

Hi everyone!

[h2]July Frontier[/h2]
This month's frontier is all about mega powerful monuments! Each monument has a 4x increase to their boosts to super-charge nearby bots. Your colony ship also comes with the resources for a small monument so use that early boost wisely!

[h2]Featured Workshop Maps[/h2]
Amongst this month's five new featured custom maps a special shoutout goes to 7up who's modded in some excellent new buildings and resources in their Willy Wonka themed map - check it out!

[h2]V1.6.6 Release Notes[/h2]
  • July Frontier
  • Fixed a few recent Workshop maps not playing correctly
  • Fixed custom plot growth tooltips
  • Added filter for available mod selection
  • [Modding] Custom space port ships now supported

Thanks again to everyone on the Discord Server for all their continued suggestions and feedback! 🚀

If you do find a bug or have an issue please use Bug Reporting information page.

Back with more news soon!