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V1.6.4.1 - May Frontier

Hi everyone!

[h2]May Frontier[/h2]
A new month means a new frontier! This month's frontier brings a new twist - all mines only require Level 1 Energy and there are natural resources everywhere. Plan your strategy and build that large monument as fast as you can!

[h2]Featured Workshop Maps[/h2]
Here are this month's five great Steam Workshop maps that you can also find in-game under Custom Maps - a mix of old and new, peaceful and military. We'll feature five more next month!

[h2]Steam Workshop Embeddable Mods[/h2]
When creating custom maps you can now embed mods as well as linking to existing Workshop ones, so it's now a whole bunch easier to create maps with your own custom settings and content!

For more information on making mods check out the Community Wiki

[h2]V1.6.4.1 Release Notes[/h2]
  • May Frontier
  • Local mods are now embedded in custom maps and will upload along with the map when published to Steam Workshop
  • Fixed AI building excessive storage yards
  • Rebuilt terrain overlay graphic system for modability and improved performance
  • Added ability to set a market resource to be sell only or purchase only in market.json
  • Added ability to set players starting money with players.json
  • Added ability to easily set preresearched tech in techs.json
  • Reworked boat expedition code for future updates

Thanks to everyone on Discord for their support & ongoing feedback! 🚀

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