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V1.6.5 - June Frontier

Hi everyone!

[h2]June Frontier[/h2]
A new month means a new frontier! This month's frontier shakes your early strategies up as L1 residences produce Energy twice as fast and lumberjack huts use twice as much. Upgraded roads work twice as well though so good luck!

[h2]Multiplayer Beta[/h2]
Good news if you've always wanted to play The Colonists with or against your friends, we'll be announcing a multiplayer open beta soon, keep your eyes out!

[h2]Featured Workshop Maps[/h2]
Here are five more excellent Steam Workshop maps from players - a mix of old and new, peaceful and military.

[h2]V1.6.5 Release Notes[/h2]
  • June Frontier
  • Fixed fog of war not applying to fixed scenario games where it should (custom maps)
  • Fixed proximity boost UI panel bug
  • Fixed [Tab]bing through building levels
  • Fixed selected map panel disappearing when subscribing to a Featured map
  • [Modding] Special storage component now supports startingItems going beyond outgoing storage limit

Huge appreciation to everyone on Discord Server for all their ongoing testing and feedback! 🚀

If you do find a bug or have an issue please use Bug Reporting information page.