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[h3]Quality Of Life[/h3]
Our second Early Access Roadmap Update "Quality Of Life" is NOW AVAILABLE and includes Expanded Game Settings and Base Building Improvements, as well as Map Improvements which feature better filtering and a new notification system.

Also included in this update is a massive amount of improvements to Gameplay, UI, Audio, FX, and Technical aspects of the game, which we have presented in full in the Quality Of Life Update Change Log which can be found here: Version 0.51.10 Change Log

For your reading pleasure, at the bottom of the change log we have also categorized the changes per the Roadmap specifications, Expanded Game Settings, Base Building Improvements, and Map Improvements, plus Actor & Misc. changes so you can see specifically what aspect of the game the changes affect. We've also included some relevant Known Issues in case you get stuck during your return to Ketern.

Some of our personal favorites to this change log are:
• Crafting now pulls components from nearby storage containers when you do not
have all the required items in your inventory.

• Added additional game settings: Research Speed, Damage Taken, Creature
Health and Doomsday Speed.

• Added a new Points of Interest Map interface. Any map icon tracked will
automatically be added to the Points of Interest list.

• Added the map functionality to ping. Pinging will display for all players in multiplayer
to help draw their attention to a specific location.

• Letters are now supported in seed generation. Players are able to type in words to
more easily share world seeds.

As always, if you have bugs to report or would like to suggest gameplay features please create a suggestion in our public feature upvoter and bug tracker.

On behalf of the United Worlds Congress, we sincerely thank you for your continued patience and support.