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20% Off Beyond Contact

[h2]Attention Space Corps Operatives![/h2]

[h3]Now is a great time to add Beyond Contact to your Steam Library and get involved with our community influenced game development!

From Wednesday 09/03/22 at 19:00 CET, through 11/03/22 19:00 CET Beyond Contact will be 20% off in the Steam store. [/h3]


[h3]It's also a great time to check out the progress we have made so far in Early Access, and to see what is included in our near future plans. [/h3]

[h3]For more information about the updates since our Early Access launch check out these updates! [/h3]

Rise of the Corrupted Part 1- Game Difficulty Options

Rise of the Corrupted Part 2 - Raids Beta Branch

Quality of Life Update - Expanded Game Settings, Base Building Improvements, and Map Improvements