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Version 0.52.8 Change Log

Teleporter Network & More

[h2] Gameplay:[/h2]
  • A new teleporter network has been added to the game. Players can no longer directly teleport to a Transporter from anywhere. Players must now interact with the Transporter to teleport. Players can now teleport between active Obelisks and Transporters.
  • The functionality of Forcefield Walls has been changed. Forcefield Walls now require power and the player can run through them.
  • Forcefield Doors have been removed due to being able to now run through Forcefield Walls.
  • Forcefield walls now regenerate health while powered.
  • Item stack size limits have been increased. The Basic Locker now stacks items to 100 and Storage Vault to roughly double their inventory limit.
  • Players can now rotate the camera with the middle mouse button.
  • Picking up items next to a deployed Portable Stove will now prioritize the items instead of the Stove.
  • Added a delay before respawning to show Quinn's death animation instead of instantly respawning.
  • Scanning a captured creature on the ground before it’s picked up now scans the creature correctly.
  • Corrupted weapons found in the world now have lower durability to prevent players from stockpiling them at their base.
  • The Airsynth was removed as the scan reward from the Destroyed Escape Pod and replaced by a Thermo Stick.
  • Players can no longer build structures on bridges.
  • Void Rifts that previously spawned next to story objectives that blocked progression will now be regenerated elsewhere.
  • Players are now able to run out of Void Rifts easily without being pulled into the center and instantly dying.
  • The Plasma Welder now repairs faster and has more durability.
  • Fixed a bug where the Brachylon Obelisk could not be activated after activating another Obelisk first.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not interact with buildings while holding a Plasma Welder.
  • Fixed a bug where Void Rifts would reset a lit Thermo Stick once the Void Rift was destroyed and dropped items.
  • Fixed a bug where items on the ground would block attacks from creatures, preventing them from taking damage.

[h2]User Interface:[/h2]
  • Player Bases now have an icon to display where they are on the map.
  • Player Bases now have auto-generated biome-specific names.
  • Unscanned items will no longer be displayed as grey when they can be placed in a storage container.
  • Added the final cinematic to the game. This is played when the player chooses to leave the planet at the end of the campaign.
  • Reduced the starting delay for the cinematic after fully repairing the World Forge.
  • Large notifications and creature notifications are now ignored while in a cinematic.
  • The Oxygen Drain Rate displayed on Oxygen Equipment and the Player Interface screen has been updated to be easier to understand.
  • Updated various icons on the map, updating their art and increasing/decreasing their size.
  • Updated various icons in the inventory, including specific captured creatures icons, and player equipment such as the Power Pickaxe, Power Shovel, Net, and more.
  • Updated the icons on the Character Interface screen.
  • Improved the Objective requirement layout. The tick is now green, text no longer clips on the right side and the confusing “task” text was removed.
  • Added Koch Media / Deep Silver Credits to the game.
  • The main menu message pop ‘OK’ button (that displays after disconnecting, being kicked, server closed, invalid server name, etc.) is now centered.
  • Updated the latest translations, fixing grammatical errors and adding missing text.
  • When using a controller, the inventory now wraps from one side to the other.
  • Removed the Default button on the Extras Tab in the Options screen.
  • Players and buildings now display the distance to them when tracked on the map.
  • The Research ring (around the hud icon) now updates correctly based on the research speed setting.
  • NPC dialogue portraits are now displayed behind the inventory.
  • The save game deletion key on the saved game list is now displayed when using a controller.
  • Plants that have been fertilized now display (Evolving) instead of (Growing).
  • Fixed a bug where if a player died with a building inventory open, other players could no longer open it.
  • Fixed a bug when using a controller, closing a storage container would not actually close it.
  • Fixed a bug where hovering over the Scanner requirement in the Research Interface would display the Scanner as needing to be discovered.
  • Research and Crafting list items now resize their text based on the length/number of the words.
  • Fixed a bug when clicking ESC instantly after respawning would quit and delete the saved game.
  • Fixed a bug where the right mouse button could be held to move the map.
  • Fixed a bug where the data icons would disappear after placing structures.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the dehydrated dead Brachylon would display numbers instead of text with subtitles on.
  • Fixed a bug where the Captured Shock Sprite’s icon was greyed out when the player had the Shock Sprite Generator’s inventory open.
  • Fixed a bug where players rejoining a server would not display the doomsday countdown if it was active.
  • Fixed a bug where the Obelisks would not display the correct state on the map (Respawn available, Respawn Unavailable etc).
  • Fixed several issues where the terrain was displayed incorrectly on the map, leaving streaks instead of outlines of rocks.

  • Added several new sounds into the game such as inserting fuel into buildings, swapping armor, missing Bloom Sprite attack audio, and more.
  • Adjusted various audio in the game that was playing incorrectly, either too loud or too quiet.
  • Fixed an issue where the low health music would stop when the player was on low health.
  • Fixed an issue when the ambient sound was not changing during dusk or night.

  • Static terrain details (such as grass) will now hide when buildings are placed in close proximity.
  • Updated various models in-game including the Net, Power Shovel, Power Pick, and Void Crystal.
  • Polished various effects in the game including creature attacks, creature hit effects, creature blood effects, and others.
  • Updated various environmental assets to fix graphical issues, holes in the ground, and floating terrain.
  • Fixed several instances where the player could get stuck between environment assets.
  • Fixed a bug where the Fireballs effect was ending early instead of fading out.
  • Fixed a bug where the Healing Rod would appear invisible on the ground.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where plants and foliage would jitter when running past them.

  • Fixed several instances where the game could crash.
  • Fixed a bug where losing internet connection in a single-player game would kick the player back to the main menu.
  • Fixed various Steam achievements not unlocking correctly.

[h2]Known Issues:[/h2]
  • Creating a new game may fail to load the world. Resuming old games works fine.
  • During long sessions, some powered buildings can passively drain power instead of when they are only in use.
  • Teleporting wipes the tracked directional arrows on the mini-map.
  • Inputs being performed are repeated when tabbing out of the game via click.
  • Octomians can be pushed to appear as though they are walking up the sides of the ship.
  • Lava deals no damage to Quinn after a save and load.
  • Doomsday timer/music never goes away after specific actions.