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[h3]Space Corps Strikes Back![/h3]
Our third Early Access Roadmap Update "Space Corps Strikes Back" is NOW AVAILABLE and includes Raids 1.0 release, Research improvements including Shared and Queued Research, a quality of life polish to the Campaign, the addition of Secondary Weapon Actions, improvements to Creature Behavior, and much, much, more!

Prepare to face the power of the Corrupted!
Legions of Corrupted and hordes of Urchins will now attack any Space Corps base or Outpost built on Ketern. Periodic attacks will keep the tension high and force you to defend your base with the newly introduced Guardian Turret!

As you spend more time on Ketern and expand your reach through the biomes, Raids will increase in ferocity, so look to the new Raid HUD which will provide you with information about upcoming Raids, including enemy type and a countdown to when the Raid will take place.

Raids are now live and on by default, unless you create a game with the custom difficulty set to Story, in which case Raids are off by default and will need to be toggled on.

Raids is a feature that will continue to evolve moving forward, this first foray into Raids can be
considered a minor skirmish compared to the forces that await you in the future. Good luck

[h3]Weather Effects and Creature Behaviors[/h3]
In addition to the official release of Raids, you will now also find dangerous weather effects in certain environments, as well as more diverse combinations of creature groups, abilities, and behaviors.

[h3]Guardian Turret and Weapon Upgrades[/h3]
To combat the new and enhanced dangers of Ketern, you can now craft the Guardian Turret, and upgrade your weapons to include additional offensive capabilities.

[h3]Research Improvements[/h3]
To speed things up while preparing for battle, improvements to research including Research Speed and Queued Research have been added, and in cooperative games, you now share research and can queue the tasks up together.

[h3]Campaign Polish[/h3]
We have also completed the first major polish of the Campaign. This should make the campaign easier to navigate and improve the experience for players.

[h3]Change Log[/h3]
The team has included a massive amount of improvements to Gameplay, UI, Audio, FX, and Technical aspects of the game, which we have presented in full in the Space Corps Strikes Back Change Log which can be found here:
Beyond Contact - Beyond Contact Change Log 0.53.14

Some of our personal favorites to this change log are:
• Health stat gains from health items have been greatly increased.

• You can now use the middle mouse button to control your camera. (without camera zoom)

• Added a visual loading progress bar to the loading screens.

• Added the ability to hide and reveal the HUD on PC. Specifically added as a request to take screenshots with the HUD. Default keybinding is set to CTRL + Z.

• Added a new crafting category for permanent upgrades.

As always, if you have bugs to report or would like to suggest gameplay features please create a suggestion in our public feature upvoter and bug tracker.

On behalf of the United Worlds Congress, we sincerely thank you for your continued patience and support and we hope you enjoy the update.