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Free-cam spectator added

Hello. Another small update today.
Instead of joining a crew you can now spectate and fly around the map.

Exit the spectator mode by pressing esc or one of the menu buttons if using motion controllers.

Option to lock tanks

Hi. Here comes another small update with some bugfixes, some updated voip support and the ability to lock tanks.
To lock a tank press "L" when in the tank or interact with the switch where it says "Tank Open"
If the light is red other players should not be able to join your tank.

Have a nice week!

Vivox voip integration


The voip stability has been a big issue since the game was released.
Vivox is now used instead of steam voice and I hope it will be more stable.

So there is some big changes when it comes to how the voip works.
All crew voip is now proximity based so you can hear other crews when you are close, even enemies. The range is 40 meters.

I hope to add more options like volume control for the voip soon.
Please test this out and let me know how it works. All feedback is welcome!

Commander map update

Changed so the air support is now called on the map.
Commanders can now also ping on the map or set markers. The unused slot will be for artillery in a coming update.

Work has started on the hands but needs more work on skinning, animations and shading.

Explosion damage and Chat

I have a few small updates for you guys today.
Explosions can now disable crew members. So be careful when riding with the hatch open.
I have started work on a Chat and Notification system. It’s still WIP and only “All chat” is currently enabled. You will get notifications when someone joins or leaves the server. The plan is to expand it to notify when someone joins/leaves your tank and of course to support team chat.
There is only keyboard support now and to have a VR keyboard is also on the list to fix. This would not be the ideal way of communication but I hope this can be a substitute until I manage to get the VOIP stable.

The key for all chat is “Y”

Hope you all will have a nice holiday!