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Rebuilding in Troubled Times: Middle Ages

HOTFIX 26_33
+ Fixed bug: Not being able to click on achievement while in challenge mode
+ Issue Geode softlock has been fixed.
+ Minor text improvements Watermill text missing.

Hail Universe Architects,

Another historical era has arrived as civilization migrates into the next age. The Main Simulation has expanded in this period of significant change. Join Semblance as she observes humanity rebuild civilization in the — Middle Ages.

Embark on a journey through the Silk Road as trade, expanded knowledge and new beliefs connect the East and West. Goods and philosophies were exchanged by many hands before it reached its final destination.

Chivalry isn’t Dead

The Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval Era, was a period of strife that led to the foundation of the modern times. Other accomplishments were made in the East and found prosperity in the booming trade.
  • Unlock five new research nodes that expand into the Middle Ages.
  • More heads are better than one. A new glitch node, Rapa Nui, is available to unlock in the simulation.

Out for Delivery

Did you know that the Silk Road is also known as the Jade Road? Jade was the earliest good exchanged for trade. Valued by the West, the monopoly of silk played a significant role in the development of the route and paved the way to new wonders.
  • Travel with the merchant as he makes his way to the forge— a staple found in every blacksmith’s trade.
  • View the stars in the Muslim observatory.
  • Fulfill your need for knowledge with illuminated manuscripts, featuring beautiful and intricate illustrations.
  • So much more awaits in this new age.

Bloom into Spring

Three new Augmentation Artifacts are ready to be built in your garden.
  • Use Logits to pay your respects to the shogun at the Himeji Castle.
  • Invest in your education with Oxford University.
  • Bring the prosperous Silk Road to your simulation with 85 Darwinium cubes.

‘Tis but a Scratch

Unlike the Holy Grail, a new secret achievement is waiting to be discovered. Can you complete this elusive quest?

Additional Features:
  • The Main Simulation tree has been organized for clarity.
  • Exploration Lab has been moved earlier while Cyborgs have been moved to the top of the tree.
  • Various other tuning changes to the Main Simulation.
  • Adjustments made to the Explore leaderboard tier rank.
  • Optional challenge mode added upon completion of the Explore event.
  • Players can now claim prizes from a completed event before the next event starts.

Civilization: Middle Ages is available to play now on Steam and will be available on iOS and Android by 06/12/2024 at 11:59 PM ET.

To celebrate the winners of the Main Simulation Tree Contest, we held a chillstream on Friday 06/07/2024 at 11 AM ET on Twitch and YouTube. We announced this contest on our May livestream and we want to thank everyone who participated. The team loves all the wonderful and diverse trees our players have created. If you are curious to know who the winners are, you can find them here: link. We are excited to host different types of contests in the future.

Speaking of livestreams, although this is early, we will have another official stream on June 21 to chat about the next upcoming content release. Can you guess what it is? We don’t want it out of the bag yet. Join our beta to find out more. It’s going to be very exciting as we sprint towards the finish line.

Our game is constantly evolving. Thank you for your continued feedback and patience as we work to provide the best play experience for all players.

Stay cellular!
The Cells Team

Spread the Plague in Explore: Outbreaks — Threat of Infection

** Edit:
Version 25.82 hotfix: The simulation has received a small update.
  • Redesigned the Event Leaderboard UI button.
  • Removed the Leaderboard flask animation.
  • Fixed the SFX bug when restarting or switching simulations.

Stay cellular!


Hi Universe Architects,

Pardon us as we don our hazmat suits. Something contagious has infected the simulation, and Semblance is ready to investigate. Join her as we trace the sources of contamination in…

[h2]Explore: Outbreaks — Threat of Infection[/h2]

[h2]Starting from Patient Zero[/h2]
The battle between humans and disease has been ongoing for thousands of years. From plague resurgences to the most recent pandemic in modern times, it’s clear that viruses and bacteria are here to stay. In order to best bolster our defenses, it’s never too late to learn more about them.
  • Unlock fourteen microbial generators, starting with Human Life.
  • Uncover 43 new trait nodes to reveal the tragedies and discoveries caused by outbreaks.
  • Accrue two opposing currencies that must work together for survival: Immunity and Contagion.

[h2]Personal Petri Dish[/h2]
The Explore Event garden has a recognizably microscopic feel with some new faces. Instead of a helpful Amino Acid, these tiny intruders mean deadly business. What do they look like up close, and how are they different from one another?
  • Let disease and decay run rampant in the Outbreaks Explore Event garden.
  • Unlock a new microbe after each generator unlock, from Smallpox to Salmonella.

[h2]Documentation is Key[/h2]
Despite the devastation, humans have evolved alongside invisible foes in order to face future infectious challenges. One key factor: sharing information.
  • Track important outbreak dates and statistics on the new event timeline while progressing through the tree.
  • Wait! Are you sensitive to graphic medical material related to disease? This event features a popup trigger warning to make sure before you begin.
  • Collect three new badges as proof of your resilience against disease.

[h3]Additional Features:[/h3]
  • Say goodbye to the Research Race and hello to our new Segmented Leaderboards. Jump into a large pool of players for a chance at various different prizes, including Logits, Geodes, Young Stars and more.
  • Fixed some Infinity Pass bugs.
Explore: Outbreaks — Threat of Infection is now available to play on Steam, Android and iOS until May 22 at 10am ET.

This Explore Event now marks our 12th in the series! Our team is looking forward to expand the simulation with diverse and interesting topics. A few weeks ago we asked players to fill out this survey to share what topics they’re most interested in seeing as an Explore Event. We revealed the results of this survey in last Friday’s livestream. If you’re curious to see which topics are popular, we talked about it in our latest livestream: link.

You may have noticed some drastic changes to our Leaderboard system. We have officially sunsetted the Research Race and implemented a new multiplayer system built from the ground up. A few of our team members have gone into further detail about how the new multiplayer system works on our livestream, so we highly encourage players to check it out.

And finally— if you aren’t getting enough Bubonic Plague content in the Outbreak Explore Event, you’re in luck. The Civilization: Middle Ages update is underway! Get ready to experience one of civilization’s dark ages after the decline of the Roman Empire, and see what new advancements brought them into the Age of Discovery.

Thank you for reading the patch notes in full. But, what are we still doing here? There are infections to spread and diseases to cure.

Stay healthy and stay cellular,
The Cells Team

The Future is Here! Big Changes to Cells Multiplayer

Greeting Universe Architects,

We’re releasing an update that may be a turning point for multiplayer in Cell to Singularity: we’re sunsetting one leaderboard and releasing a very different one. Read on for details.

[h2]Farewell, Research Race[/h2]

Research Race has been the first real multiplayer feature built into Cell to Singularity, and as research it has been tremendous – we’ve learned a lot about how our players do and don’t want to play Cells. Some players loved the competition in the Research Race, but there were also many who didn’t. The feature was set up so that you’d often see players who were in a very different place in the game than you… or were cheating to raise their production. It was frustrating for a lot of people, especially if they raced against cheaters.

So with this release, we’re turning Research Race off. Semblance thanks you for your research service.

[h2]Hello, Event Leaderboard[/h2]

When the next Explore Event starts later this week, you’ll see a new button on the right side of the screen. The button shows your current placement in the new Event Leaderboard. As you play an event, you’ll compete with 999 other players to earn the most Science Points. As you buy Nodes, Generators, or Quantum Charges you’ll earn Science Points and rise through the ranks. At the end of the event, every participant will get a prize, with better prizes for the higher ranks. Place high enough and you can even get rewards for the Beyond and Mesozoic Valley!

We think the new Event Leaderboard improves on many elements of the Research Race. Everyone gets prizes, not just the elite. You can watch your ranking move, or just let it sit off to the side if you don’t want to compete. And you shouldn’t see as many cheaters.

[h2]Changes for Cheating, built from the ground up[/h2]

With the removal of Research Race comes the removal of the system it was made on. This means the system that players saw some cheaters on is no longer in the game. With the addition of the Event Leaderboard we have a new system in place. This system was created with the cheaters in mind, so as a result we hope it reduces the amount that players encounter.

[h2]Other Updates[/h2]
With this update we have included a special feature just for the Explore Events. We’ve added an arrow in the event tree view that shows the next node or generator you can buy. We also added many improved translations to the game along with several bug fixes.

Developing a multiplayer experience for Cells gameplay has been a rewarding and humbling challenge. We’re always grateful for our community’s feedback and patience, especially during times of major change. Let us know your thoughts on the new Event Leaderboard, we’re always listening.

Thank you, and stay cellular!

- The Cells Team

Observe the Miracle of Life in Beyond E24: Cosmic Cradles

Welcome Universe Architects,

We last left off dissecting the remains of massive stars. Their supernova explosions left behind beautiful nebulas. Yet, not all nebulas form this way.

As we venture through interstellar gas and dust, what could Semblance find in such chaos? It’s time to rock the cradle. A new star is born in:

Beyond E24: Cosmic Cradles

Chaos Meets Beauty

Death leads back to new life. Some nebulas leave remnants of their explosive past lives and form into cradles that become the harbingers to new activity. Zoom in close and marvel at this strange afterlife in the Beyond garden.
  • Nurture the beginnings of new life featuring four famed generators — Eagle, Pillars of Creation, Orion and Horsehead.
  • To date, a total of eight real life nebulas have been brought to life in 3D.

Congratulations, it’s a Baby Star!

The Ancient Maya called the Orion Nebula- the “cosmic fire of creation.” It is the closest stellar nursery close to Earth. Now let's follow Semblance beyond the familiar and uncover where stars are born.
  • Learn how stars are formed with eight new enhancement trait cards such as Proplyds, The Spire, Trapezium Cluster and more.
  • Discover stable stars on a new Astronomy Mission with Protostars.

Star of the Show

As new stars are born, more constellations and achievements begin to surface. Mark them on your map of the universe and find them all.
  • Collect ten new achievements — two for each nebula and one for each constellation.
  • Two constellations have manifested in the night sky: Serpens and Auriga.
  • Experience the benefits of the Auriga constellation as it shortens the red dwarf mission duration up to 6 hours.

Additional Features:
  • A tutorial has been added to the Beyond to improve first time user experience.
  • Revised difficulty of early Beyond ranks.
  • Changed the color of the confirm button to the original blue.
  • Want an ads free experience? Introducing a new in-app purchase, available in the Darwinium store for iOS, Android and Steam: Infinity Pass.
    • Note: Boosts, Dwarfs and Geodes, costing 2 Darwinium, are free with an active Infinity pass. The pass will run for 30 days after purchase and will not automatically renew. It is available for re-purchase after it expires.
Beyond E24: Cosmic Cradles is available to play now on Steam and will be available to all Android and iOS players by Monday, 04/29/2024 at 11:59 PM EDT.

With E24, Semblance has concluded her journey with the stars. The life of a star is a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Isn’t evolution on Earth much the same? Built from the changes of the past, something new arises. As Semblance ventures out for more answers, what lies beyond nebulas? Find out in the next episode of the Beyond.

It’s been almost a year since we started working with Steph, from Pariah Interactive, on the creation of the nebulas. We hope players enjoyed learning about the nebulas as we enjoyed designing them. While this is not the end of the Beyond, we will be saying goodbye to nebulas as we move on with Semblance.

We will also be releasing our next Explore Event soon. Thank you to our beta players for their continued feedback. We enjoyed the discussions and commentaries regarding the content. For those who are interested in other potential event topics, we released a survey on Monday asking for player opinions: link. We encourage our players to fill out the survey, if they have not done so already. We are curious to learn what our players are interested in.

Lastly, as a reminder to players from our last dev diary, we will be sunsetting the Research Race in favor of a new leaderboard system. We have redesigned this system from the ground up and are analyzing the data that has been collected in the backend. We are also closely monitoring the feedback we’ve received from beta. We are happy to report that we have a much more robust system that can identify cheaters and take appropriate action. We believe this new system will be a successful evolution to the Research Race. We will share more in our upcoming livestream in May.

Looking ahead, stay cellular!
The Cells Team

Follow the Rise and Fall of Great Empires: Iron Age

Hi Universe Architects,

Coming hot from the release of our latest dev diary, new Civilization content has been added to the Main Simulation. The three metal ages are coming to an end with the arrival of the final epoch — Iron Age.

As a replacement to bronze, iron became more widespread with the discovery of steel. The Iron Age gave rise to many cultural achievements and political reform, influencing both the West and the East.

Oh the Irony

Did you know that iron was more accessible to the public than Bronze? It led to the production of weapons that allowed nations to build bigger armies. Other accomplishments to human culture and history were made and declined during the Iron Age. Learn more about these accomplishments by unlocking six new trait nodes such as the library, catapult, Astronomical calendar and more.

Not my Government

The advent of iron paved the way to advancements in weaponry and organized community systems. Experience history with five new animated unlocks in the Civilization garden.
  • Catch a glimpse of the Legionnaire on the bridge.
  • Observe an engineer at work on the Aqueduct.
  • Join senators in the plaza to discuss governmental matters.
  • Ignite gunpowder to set off fireworks.
  • Look around to find more.

My Secret Garden

Relive an important historical moment at the tap of a finger through a new secret achievement in the updated Iron Age garden.

World Wonders

Five new artifacts await in the Augmentation Store. Add a piece of history to your simulation — Parthenon, Great Library of Alexandria, Great Wall of China and Colossus of Rhodes.

Additional features:
  • Improvements to text and overflow issues.
  • Updates to the Stores’ UI.

Updated Game Transfer System

We have updated our game transfer system where save files will auto upload to the cloud the moment the device has internet connection. To ensure all save files are intact, please manually upload your save files to the cloud. Players will also need to opt-in to this autosave feature.

Civilization: Iron Age update is available to all players on Steam today and will be available on iOS and Android by 04/15/2023 at 11:59 PM EST.

We recently released our dev diary for March- April along with an updated roadmap. If you’ve missed it, find it here. We hope players are excited for the future revamped multiplayer features. History was built from the joint unity of human efforts and multiplayer is a natural progression of evolution in our game. We are building a system where players can both enjoy a solo and collaborative experience. Join our beta + Discord and contribute your feedback to the development process: link

The next Beyond episode is currently undergoing polish and will be ready for release soon. We’ve seen what happens when a massive star explodes, and yet some bring new life. Join Semblance as she journeys into the gas and dust to observe the miracle of life. Beyond E24: Cosmic Cradles will rock the simulation soon.

We’d also like to hear more of our players’ thoughts regarding Explore Events. We released a survey last year to gauge player interest and it’s time to bring it back. Some ideas from the past survey have already been implemented in the game. As we plan out our next roadmap, we’d like to hear from players what our future Explore events would be next. Thank you everyone for your support, watch out for the survey soon.

Stay cellular!
The Cells Team