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Go Beyond the Beyond! Episode 18: Lives of Stars

Greetings, Universe Architects!

Welcome to the second season of the Beyond. Join Semblance as her quest for deeper knowledge goes to galactic heights, starting with the launch of Episode 18: Lives of Stars.

The Beyond began as Cell To Singularity's original space expansion, released in 2021. Based on NASA-supported data, players could learn more about our favorite planets, moons and comets of the Milky Way. Ever since the Beyond ended at Rank 17 with Alpha Centauri, NASA has made incredible new discoveries. Now, a year and a half later— Season 2 will take you on an epic voyage to our neighboring stars outside Alpha Centauri.

Stars are born from dust…

In Episode 18: Lives Of Stars, players will follow the lives of young stars from the moment they're born to the prime of their lives. We want to explore the vast spectrum of colors, shines, sizes and temperatures that different stars can hold.

H-R Diagram

We always strive to make our tree as scientific and accurate as possible. In order to achieve this, we studied the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and designed Episode 18’s new tree to chart the life cycle of a star. You'll notice that cooler and dimmer stars displayed on the right are red, while the white and blue stars to the left are bigger and brighter. The stars are categorized based on their mass and emission spectrum, which corresponds with their age and temperature.

Chart the Main Sequence Stars
  • Discover three new star generators— Tau Ceti, Barnard's Star and Sirius!
  • Embark on Tau Ceti's new Astronomy Mission, Exoplanets.
  • Observe the exoplanets orbit around Tau Ceti in the expanded 3D garden.
  • Follow each star’s unique animation sequence and stylized particle systems using custom shaders we’ve developed.
  • If you look closely, the solar flares in Barnard’s star are far more pronounced than the Sun.
  • Fun fact: To bring each star to life, we drew a lot of inspiration from NASA observation models to emulate the clouds and stellar eruptions.

Unlock New Interstellar Traits

Introducing new Advanced Stars in the Galactic Nursery! They're the Advanced version of the Young Stars from the original Beyond expansion (but way cooler). Each Advanced Star is the upgraded form of the Younger Stars. We recommend stocking up on White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars to get the new ‘Series II’ trait cards that will upgrade your powerful new generators.

Additional Features

We’re also going beyond the Zodiac, as we introduce 2 new constellations— Ursa Major and Eridanus. There will be future constellations to view in the night sky as we progress episodically into the Beyond. In addition to these constellations, there are 8 new achievements for players to earn.

More Episodes to Come Every Two Months

This is not the end— space is vast and ripe for more discovery! Starting with Season 2, we will be releasing more Beyond episodes every two months. Semblance is not sure where we are going next, but she is eager to chart unknown territory. Patience, Semblance.

Please note: players need to have completed Beyond Episode 17 in order to play Episode 18. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy the latest content, it’s worth getting caught up.

[h2]The Beyond Episode 18: Lives of Stars is available to all players in Steam today and will be available to iOS and Android on 07/17/2023.[/h2]

We want to thank every single Universe Architect for your contribution. It is because of you Semblance can continue her journey into the Beyond. Your input, beta testing, and patience is the fuel that allows this spaceship to go into hyperspace.

Thank you for a successful launch of the Beyond Episode 18: Lives of Stars.

Be safe in space, stay cellular!
– The Cells Team