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Observe when stars grow old in... Beyond Episode 19: Sunset Years

Greetings from Interstellar Space, Universe Architects!

We are back with another installment of the Beyond. In Episode 18, Semblance learned about the lives of stars from their birth to the prime of their lives. But now she is curious about how they will age and what they might become.

[h2]…And from dust they return[/h2]

Observe aging stars in Episode 19: Sunset Years as players watch their elegant development into the final stages. Some stars go out with a bang while others linger on longer as the universe grows older. And some leave stardust, preparing the birth of new stars and planets.

[h2]Charting Stellar Evolution[/h2]

We continue to follow the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram in charting the course of these stars’ lives. In E18, we learned that stars are categorized based on their mass and emission spectrum, which corresponds with their age and temperature. As stars grow older, their density is affected by the type of nuclear fuel they burn from Hydrogen to Helium and finally to Iron. Depending on their fuel, some have enough heat, pressure, and energy to grow bigger into a Supergiant. Eventually all dying stars will burn out and explode, thus creating the perfect breeding ground for future stars. The new “Advanced Stars” in the Stellar Nursery shows these stars’ transitions into their late lives.

Attribution: R.N. Bailey, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

[h2]Going Further Out into the Milky Way[/h2]

There are four new star generators to discover— Polaris, Rigel, Arcturus and Van Maanen’s Star. These ‘superstar’ stellar neighbors are in the late stages of their lives and have been added in the 3D garden. These stars vary differently in size as they reach their conclusion in their own special ways. Fun fact: Rigel is the largest part of a four star system and may have once been a Blue Supergiant before evolving into a Red Supergiant and back to Blue again.

[h2]Additional Content[/h2]

  • Collect nine new "Series II" traits cards to continue the story of our new superstellar generators.
  • With the inclusion of Rigel, one new constellation— Orion— will be making its debut in the night sky of the Beyond.
  • In addition, eight new achievements will be available for players to collect.

[h2]The Beyond Episode 19: Sunset Years is available to all players on Steam today and will be available on iOS and Android on 08/31/2023. [/h2]

Episode 19 is a continuation of Episode 18 and will mark the conclusion of the ‘Lives of Stars’ arc. As a reminder, players need to complete Episode 18 in order to play Episode 19.

We hope you continue to enjoy following Semblance's journey through the stars. Observing the end will help prepare Semblance for what’s to come… With the simulation of the star systems completed, her next course might delve into stranger territory. Where will she be headed next?

[h2]Late Game Metabit Production: Thousand Times Faster[/h2]

Thank you for your patience as we continue to balance Metabit Production. We are aware that late game Metabit production feels slow. And so with the 5th iteration, we have made improvements to the Mined Metabit Earned Curve to increase Metabit production!

Old Mined Metabit Earned Curve:
Bonus = (50000 / Math.Pow(1 + 5.5 * Math.Exp(-0.07 * Math.Log(("Research Level" ))) , (1 / v)));

NEW Mined Metabit Earned Curve:
Bonus = Math.Pow( "Research Level" , (1d / 3d))/3 - 0.3d;

This new powerful curve will allow endgame players to make more progress on their Metabit production after earning around one million Metabits. This is effective immediately after updating to this latest version. This change comes in preparation as more content is being added in the future. We are very excited for what is to come and we hope you are too!

Coming soon, we will be releasing our new limited-time event— Explore: A Journey of Serenity, where we delve into the history, technology and culture of tea. We are still in the process of fine tuning it, and we appreciate our beta players’ continued feedback.

Thank you once again for your support as we strive to bring you more content to enjoy.

Stay cellular!
– The Cells Team