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Dev Diary for August

Hi Universe Architects!

We're back from PlayNYC and ready to share what we’ve been working on. Here’s a sneak peak of what will be coming out in the next production build.

The Dawn of Civilization is upon us— starting with a base update to the Civilization Garden. For this release, we've set the stage for the first six Ages of Civilization. The garden may feel empty initially, but this is just the first phase of many to come! In an upcoming series of updates, expect to unfold new scenes that delve deeper into the history of each era— starting with the Stone Age!

The leaderboard has also gone through a complete overhaul. Say goodbye to high scores, and say hello to the new tiered leaderboard system. In this new iteration, your total progress in the game will be tracked using Research Points (RP). You will only see other players that share your current tier, with tiers being based on player progression. We wanted to make leaderboards fair where players are ranked globally based on overall personal progress, achievements and badges accumulated.
Keep in mind, all leaderboard content and tuning are still under development as we continue to iterate on Metabit production. On the bright side, players who cheat will no longer be placed at the top of your leaderboard.

RP is the new overall XP and there will be new titles given per rank. Each title will have a max of ten levels per tier and must be achieved before the next title upgrade. Title art and names will be subject to change in future updates. We hope you're looking forward to progressing through the entire game with this updated system! It was designed with your feedback in mind.

It’s been some time since our last tuning update, and we are happy to share the 4th Tuning iteration, soon to be available in-game. In this round, we’ve been focused back on Metabit production. We wanted the Mesozoic Valley and the Beyond to also contribute to Metabit production since players spend a lot of time there prestiging and ranking up. With these re-tuning changes, Metabit production should be reflected more fairly across all in-game content.
  • We’re adding 9 new Metabit upgrades— 3 each for Mesozoic Valley, Beyond, and Explore Badges that will affect the Metabit production for the main simulation. They all give a 10X increase to the base power of 0.01

    No upgrade:

    0.01 per rank

    Level 1:

    0.10 per rank

    Level 2:

    1.00 per rank

    Level 3:

    10.00 per rank

  • These new upgrades will boost Metabit production for each extinction for Mesozoic Valley, each episode of the Beyond, and each Explore badge earned.
  • This is reflected in the new highlighted views from the total production view in the Reality Engine.
  • The first Metabit upgrade will be available after unlocking its respective content for the first time, and the next upgrade will be available after unlocking the former.
  • The Metabit cost has been lowered for Ape and Mammal research nodes while also increasing production boost.

After a break from events, a new limited-time Explore Event will debut soon! We have been exploring ways to reduce production time so that we can bring more to you at a faster cadence. The new Explore Event will be focused on the history, technology and culture of tea. It will include a new tree with achievements, music and after reading your feedback, we are re-introducing the garden but in a far more simplified form. Look forward to Explore: A Journey of Serenity in the coming weeks!

Beyond Episode 19 is almost here! There are four new star generators to look forward to as we continue our exploration of The Lives of Stars. In addition, we'll be adding nine new trait cards and one constellation. For those who are part of the beta, please continue to give us feedback as we finalize tuning.

We will also have a livestream on Friday 08/18, 1-2pm EDT to show you more of the updated Civ Garden and to answer your questions about the leaderboard and tuning updates. Thank you for your patience and support. We hope to see you in our upcoming livestream!

Stay cellular!
– The Cells Team