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[Announcement] May 24th Maintenance Preview

Hello, Heroes of Bermesiah!
We'd like to provide some insights into the upcoming improvements to growth pathing.

The GrandChase Classic Team is working on a new content update that will come later this year.
Before we go into details about the content update, we'd like to cover the improvements made on growth so that new and returning players can easily adapt and get back into the game.
We will be preparing events that give rewards that help character level growth, so grab the opportunity and try out various characters you wanted to grow and check out the improved points.
Details may be subject to change during the development. Detailed changes will follow on next week's maintenance announcement.

1. Improved the Growth Section.
Epic Missions in dungeons provide more experience and number of repeats for dungeons will be reduced.
- Completed missions will stay the same. Incomplete missions will have the experience adjusted.

2. Adjusted the Dungeon Growth Pathing for Better Difficulty and Simplicity. a) Changed the unlock condition of Harrier Dungeon to Temple of Time Clear.
- Players will be able to enter after reaching Lv.85 and acquiring Dimension Guardians Equipment.

b) Champion Mode will be Removed from (Bermesiah Continent ~ Archimedia Continent).
Improved so that players can acquire Champion Mode rewards from Normal Dungeons.
- Players can acquire equipment, pet creation manual, and titles from Normal Dungeons which were formerly acquired from Champion Mode.
- Acquire count condition for titles have been changed to Normal Dungeons from Champion Mode.
- Champion Mode Entry Tickets in possession will be available for use in Harrier Dungeons.

c) Starting Dungeon for Edel and Veigas will be Adjusted to Trial Forest.
- Players will be able to pick up items for Edel and Veigas from Trial Forest ~ Marsh of Oblivion dungeons.
- Epic Missions for Edel and Veigas will be added to Trial Forest ~ Marsh of Oblivion dungeons.
- If the player wishes the return to the former exclusive dungeons (Frostland, Trivia), players can select the dungeons in the World Map to enter.

3. Improved the Burden of Running Daily Dungeons on Multiple Characters.
Reduced the Daily Entry Count on Hero Dungeons and Siege of Teroka.
Rewards will not be increased, but the amount of crafting materials needed will be reduced, allowing the players to craft items at a faster rate.

4. Reduced the Amount of Crafting Materials Needed for the Best Equipment, Allowing Faster Battle Power Growth.
- Players can use Phantom Phoenix equipment as materials for True Iron Dragon Outfit without having to reach legendary grade.
- Reduced the number of crafting materials needed to craft True Iron Dragon Outfit.

- Reduced the number of crafting materials needed to craft Dimension Guardians Earrings.

5. Changed True Iron Dragon Equipment to be Crafted in Hero Shop.
- True Iron Dragon equipment crafting will be moved to Hero Shop upgrade menu.
- Hero's Bullion will be consumed in crafting True Iron Dragon equipment. Since players no longer consume Hero's Bullion in upgrading Phantom Phoenix grades, the total number of Hero's Bullion needed will be retained.
- Item Use and Place of Acquisition will be added to the tooltip for crafting materials for True Iron Dragon Equipment. Players will be able to know the recipe to craft True Iron Dragon Equipment.

6. Improved Situations Where Party Play Was at a Disadvantage.
- Reduced the rate of HP increase of Boss and regular monsters depending on the number of party members.
- All party members will receive loot in the normal dungeons and not roll for loot.

7. Other Improvements
- Added a buff effect that rewards players depending on the number of heroes at Level 85 in Hero Collection.
- Changed so that players will not acquire items for other characters while in a Normal Dungeon.
- Improved so that item sale price item drops from later dungeons are not at 0.
- Adjusted the difficulty of stressful or difficult jump maps.

The bug where Chaser Pass Mission did not complete under certain circumstances will be fixed during maintenance on May 24th (UTC+0).
Players who had this issue will receive Chaser Pass experience during the maintenance.

We will strive to create the best experience possible.
Thank you.