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[Maintenance] (Completed) Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

In order to compensate for the inconvenience caused by the maintenance extension today, players who log into the game from after maintenance - May 25th 23:59 (UTC+0) will receive Compensation Chest 1 in their mailbox.

Hello, Heroes of Bermesiah!
We plan on having a scheduled maintenance for content updates.

May 24, 2023 05:00 - 09:21 (UTC+0)

1. Growth Improvement Celebration Level Up Event (May 24th After Maintenance - June 14th Before Maintenance)

1) Attendance Log

- Login daily for 30 minutes to receive login rewards for 15 days.
- Players can acquire GP Random Prop Form, Special Reinforcement Blessing Scroll, Advanced Reinforcement Protection Scroll, Advanced Rune Summon Chest, and other various rewards.

2) Mission

(1) Level Growth Mission

- Players can select 1 character to complete missions for the event.
- Rewards will vary depending on characters.
- When a player selects the character, the player will not be able to change the character afterwards. The player must be careful on selection.
- Players will receive rewards based on level growth.
- Players can acquire Hunger for Thirst, All Job Missions of the Selected Character, Iron Dragon Outfit Box, Archimedia Gate Box, Princeon Coordi Full Set Box (21 Days), and other various rewards.

(2) Event Daily Mission/Weekly Mission
- Daily Mission: Hunt monsters at appropriate level range to acquire Gift for the Growing Warrior as reward.
- Weekly Mission: Hunt monsters at appropriate level range to acquire 1,000,000 GP Coupon, Advanced Reinforcement Protection Scroll, Gift for the Growing Warrior, and other various rewards.
- [Gift for the Growing Warrior]: Single Property Scroll (Lv.85), Premium GC Club, GP Random Prop Form, and other rewards.

1. Pirate Seal Breaker Coordi (May 24th After Maintenance - June 14th Before Maintenance) (UTC+0)

2. Ashtaroth Coordi (May 24th After Maintenance - June 14th Before Maintenance) (UTC+0)

1. Improved Growth Section

1. Improved the Growth Section.
Epic Missions in dungeons provide more experience and number of repeats for dungeons will be reduced.
- Completed missions will stay the same. Incomplete missions will have the experience adjusted.

2. Adjusted the Dungeon Growth Pathing for Better Difficulty and Simplicity.
(a) Changed the unlock condition of Harrier Dungeon to Temple of Time Clear.
- Players will be able to enter after reaching Lv.85 and acquiring Dimension Guardians Equipment.

(b) Champion Mode will be Removed from (Bermesiah Continent ~ Archimedia Continent).
Improved so that players can acquire Champion Mode rewards from Normal Dungeons.
- Players can acquire equipment, pet creation manual, and titles from Normal Dungeons which were formerly acquired from Champion Mode.
- Acquire count condition for titles have been changed to Normal Dungeons from Champion Mode. (Exclusive Dungeon will be adjusted to Very Hard difficulty.)
- Champion Mode Entry Tickets in possession will be available for use in Harrier Dungeons.
- Players can purchase Gate Chest by Continent, Gate Fragment, and Precious Pearls by Continent at the Hero's Bullion Shop. (Excluding Harrier Continent)

c) Starting Dungeon for Edel and Veigas will be Adjusted to Trial Forest.
- Players will be able to pick up items for Edel and Veigas from Trial Forest ~ Marsh of Oblivion dungeons.
- Epic Missions for Edel and Veigas will be added to Trial Forest ~ Marsh of Oblivion dungeons.
- If the player wishes the return to the former exclusive dungeons (Frostland, Trivia), players can select the dungeons in the World Map to enter.

3. Improved the Burden of Running Daily Dungeons on Multiple Characters.
- Reduced the Daily Entry Count on Hero Dungeons and Siege of Teroka.

- Increased the reward of EXP, GP, Demon Core, and Hero's Bullion. (The Crucible, Sanctum of Destruction: 2 Times, Wizard's Labyrinth: 3 Times)
- Increased the cost of Hero Dungeon Entry Ticket. (The Crucible, Sanctum of Destruction: 2, Wizard's Labyrinth: 3)
- Amount of crafting materials needed will be reduced, allowing the players to craft items at a faster rate.
- Changed the daily repeat mission clear count and reward for the missions below.
Mission List: [Hero Dungeon] Clear The Crucible, [Hero Dungeon] Clear Sanctum of Destruction, and [Hero Dungeon] Clear Wizard's Labyrinth

4. Reduced the Amount of Crafting Materials Needed for the Best Equipment, Allowing Faster Battle Power Growth.
- Players can use Phantom Phoenix equipment as materials for True Iron Dragon Outfit without having to reach legendary grade.
- Removed the sale of Legendary Phantom Phoenix Equipment and its Grade Upgrades
- Reduced the number of crafting materials needed to craft True Iron Dragon Outfit.
(will be updated)

- Reduced the number of crafting materials needed to craft Dimension Guardians Earrings.

- A part of the materials used to craft True Iron Dragon Equipment, Legendary Phantom Phoenix Equipment, and Teroka Earrings after February 28th maintenance (UTC+0) will be compensated.

5. Changed True Iron Dragon Equipment to be Crafted in Hero Shop.
- True Iron Dragon equipment crafting will be moved to Hero Shop upgrade menu.
- Hero's Bullion will be consumed in crafting True Iron Dragon equipment. Since players no longer consume Hero's Bullion in upgrading Phantom Phoenix grades, the total number of Hero's Bullion needed will be retained.
- Item Use and Place of Acquisition will be added to the tooltip for crafting materials for True Iron Dragon Equipment. Players will be able to know the recipe to craft True Iron Dragon Equipment.

6. Improved Situations Where Party Play Was at a Disadvantage.
- Reduced the rate of HP increase of Boss and regular monsters depending on the number of party members.
- All party members will not roll for loot and will each receive loot in the Normal Dungeons and Event Dungeons.

7. Adjusted the objects and trap dungeon of the following maps to adjust difficulty and improve plays.
- Dungeon List: Marsh of Oblivion, Forgotten City, Gaikoz's Castle, Lake Aurora, Partusay's Sea, Temple of Fire, Battle for Bermesiah, Xenia Border, Temple of Cuatal, Altar of Judgment, Forest of Life, Goblin Work Site, Underpass of Lost Hope, Sands of Illusion, Ra Canyon, Seth's Pyramid, Under Hammer, Thunder Hammer, Relics of Kounat, Zeruel Border, Zeruel, Nightmare Circus

8. Other Improvements
- Added a buff effect that rewards players depending on the number of heroes at Level 85 in Hero Collection.
- Improved so that item sale price item drops from later dungeons are not at 0.

2. Pet Balance
1) Evil Kaiser
- Changed the attack to not launch the monsters into air
- Adjusted the position of skill effect
2) Eternal Guardian
- Increased the damage of spear smash attack

3. Chaser Pass Mission
- With the removal of Champion Mode from Normal Dungeons, Chaser Pass Weekly Repeat Mission will be changed as follows.
Removed: [Chaser Pass] Clear Champion Mode 1 Time
Added: [Chaser Pass] Defeat 100 Monsters at Appropriate Level Range
- '[Chaser Pass] Clear Champion Mode 1 Time' mission will be available for clears until the maintenance begins.
- '[Chaser Pass] Defeat 100 Monsters at Appropriate Level Range' mission will be available for clears after the maintenance and will reset weekly on Monday (UTC+0).

4. Other Changes
- Improved the UI of World Map Repeat Mission/Event Mission/Growth Mission and added a red dot mark if rewards are available
- Fixed a bug where Chaser Pass Login Mission could not be completed normally under certain circumstances and provided Pass Experience as compensation
- Fixed a bug where monsters would penetrate impenetrable terrain in dungeons.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes Dreadful Chieftain Urkah could not be defeated
- Fixed a bug where Ryan would display a dissemble motion and not an assemble motion for his Jade Hook if he changed his weapon to 4th Job under certain circumstances
- Fixed a bug where precision problem would arise when Chase's MP reduction effect was applied
- Fixed a bug where JUMP text would appear on 21st floor of Wizard's Labyrinth and when Shining Treant boss would enter dungeon in Angry Bosses
- Fixed a bug where party members could damage Kaze'aze that appears after Kaze'aze is defeated in the 5th floor of Tower of Disappearance
- Fixed a bug where Harpy Queen's feather attack position would change if damaged in Knockback status
- Fixed a bug where 2 stages of Graphic option would drop if F1 is pressed while on the highest setting.
- Fixed a bug where the game would sometimes freeze on the Dungeon select reward item screen
- Fixed a bug where Asin would drop below the floor if certain commands were used in stage 8 of The Crucible
- Fixed a bug where Sethek's explosion sphere's location was abnormal in Wizard's Labyrinth and Angry Bosses and also adjusted some of the hit box
- Fixed a bug where death animation for Berkas was not displayed to all players
- Fixed a bug where only a part of the animation for Berkas after entry into Berkas' stage was displayed to players
- Fixed a bug where jumping while riding on a water current as Amy caused her to double jump
- Fixed a bug where Total Battle Power was not displayed properly under certain item tooltips in the inventory (Only a tooltip error and not a problem with battle power)
- Fixed a bug where stat increase was not displayed properly after equipping equipment or Coordi item (Only a tooltip error and not a problem with battle power)
- Fixed a bug where checking the mission information of an item in shop would cause the player to be reset into the player's own mission information
- Fixed a bug where using the pet's enhanced special skill causes other party members to see it as the player's enhanced special skill
- Fixed a bug where the weapon's Coordi appearance would disappear if the player changed servers after switching characters
- Fixed a bug where Lire's feet could be seen if Nova Lower Armor, Kanvan Kindergarten Lower Armor, and Royal Order Shoes are equipped
- Fixed a bug where Lime's standby motion would display differently when Lime equipped Ethereal Knight Gavel
- Fixed a bug where Decanee's Dark Astraphe: Cooldown skill would have the highest priority in charging MP
- Fixed the hit box of Sethek in Goblin Work Site
- Improved the guide text for failure of pet name change due to character limit
- Changed Invite, Follow, Change Dungeon to be allowed only if the prerequisite dungeon has already been cleared
- Added quantity marker for stackable items in Hero's Bullion Shop
- Added list of available necklaces to the tooltip of +9 Necklace Select Box
- Changed the reward of 'Elven Forest Under Siege!' Epic Mission to reward Hero Dungeon Entry Ticket x2 instead of Champion Mode Entry Ticket x2
- Expanded Coordi Inventory Slot to max 500 slots.
- Improved Loading Speed upon executing game

1. Items to be Deleted during maintenance on June 14th (UTC+0)
- Princeon Coordi Full Set (21 Days) Select Box
- Princeon Coordi Full Set (21 Days) Box
- Gift for the Growing Warrior
- Unleash the Extreme Select Box

Number of players banned for abnormal acquisition of in-game items: 52 (2 Year Bans)
Number of players banned for using and/or promoting hack tools: 136 (Permanent Bans)

We will strive to create the best experience possible.
Thank you.