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New Party & Essence Interfaces

New Party & Essence Interfaces

- Essences have a new interface.
- Essences are now stored separately from Items.
- Improved the responsiveness of buttons.


No more wasted currency! (Economy Rebalance)

Spin Fragment Changes

- Spin Fragments are now used only for rerolling. Any additional uses they may gain in the future will be related to in-run uses, not metaprogression.
- They are reset to 0 after each run.
- When you begin a run you are given 20 free fragments to start, plus an extra 5 for each additional Malice difficulty modifier you have active. You gain more throughout the run like usual.

- All metaprogression upgrades that used to cost Fragments now cost Flowers and/or Roses instead.
- Existing Spin Fragments will be converted into Crystal Flowers at a rate of 20 to 1.
- This update required a map reset. You will recieve 3 Crystal Flowers as compensation, plus 1 extra Flower when you begin your next run.

This means you will never again end up finishing a run with less metaprogression currency than you started with. Truly revolutionary game design, i know.


- "Clear Mind" and "Jewel Thief" options in the void now give more Crystal Flowers than before.
- You now gain a Crystal Flower each time you defeat an Act Boss beyond the first. The first time, you get a Blood Rose (and Spirit Stone in the future).
- You now gain a Crystal Flower each time you defeat an Elite Battle.
- Crystal Flower events on the map may randomly mutate into Blood Rose events when Spin becomes Full.
- Game performance should be improved by about 15%


Demonic Skill Bugfix

- Fixed a bug causing Demonic Skills to be usable for free.

Streamlined Demonform Update!

Demonform 2.0

The Demonform system has been simplified, and has a new interface.

You no longer need to manually customize what is equipped to each form. Instead, they can all be levelled up until they reach the maximum of 3, unlocking a new ability with each level.

Corruption is no longer a part of the Demonform system. Instead, Demonform always lasts for exactly 4 player rounds of combat, and your Potential is not affected.

You no longer need to equip and change Demonforms at havens. You can now choose which Demonform you want to enter directly from the combat menu.

The skills available in each Demonform have been changed / rebalanced.

- A crash related to obtaining items that were queued after other rewards has been fixed.
- An interface issue causing the Jukebox to overlap with the Mastery screen has been fixed.
- Various other bugfixes and improvements.


Malice & Greed is in the Digital Dragons Festival!

Thank you to everyone for all of your support as I continue improving Malice & Greed! We were accepted into this year's Digital Dragons festival in Poland, and although we sadly weren't able to travel to the physical conference this time, we're participating in the online event.

I'm working on a big update based on all of your feedback right now, so make sure to jump into the game & get in your feedback to make sure that your voice also gets heard in the next update!

Vote For Malice & Greed

You can show your support in the festival by voting here, to let them know you want them to show off more indie games like this in the future: